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Yeah, some of the fights on Spirit Board and World of Light in Ultimate can get pretty insane. One of the event challenges for Jan 4-6 included Classic NES/Famicom characters and a Legend Spirit was DK and Pauline in a time stamina battle. I lost of my CPU ally eas KO’d or I got KO’d. The one time I wish my CPU ally didn’t really do anything and it is trying to give DK some work. One time, I almost had him beat but got KO’d.

Another tough Legend Spirit is The Boss (Metal Gear Solid 3). This one has you fighting a Zero Suit Samus in a stamina battle on a poisonous floor. The grabs and speed on this thing is unreal. I didn’t even win by depleting all of her stamina but by getting her off stage and gimping her recovery.

Awesome Spirits to have include the Polar Bear. I think you can find him on the Spirit Board or buy him in the shop. I found him in WoL near the Ice Climbers. You move like a tank, but the super armor he gives you is well worth it. Thanks to him, I’ve been able to blow pass some battles I couldn’t win before. Oh-Ho is another good for because it gives you an additional mid-air jump.

So much of the fun from Spirits comes with making busted teams. I got teams that buff my sword users, my gun users and my melee fighters among others.


Jump around from platform to platform Mario Bros style.







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God of War art director reimagines characters featured in Smash Ultimate


That Bowser…I might be seeing that in my dreams tonight.


I personally love the design. Makes him look like a Kaiju.

Edit @Sonichuman did you see the one he drew for Sonic? It looks like the live action movie version. Lol


wait…there’s more after that Bowser? hold on…

Edit: Not feeling the Sonic which is what I expected…that being said I’m at least 85% certain that it’s better looking than whatever they are going to reveal for the Sonic movie.


Get your best DPS character, what ever your best effective main 3 slot Spirit (the stronger the better). I used Donkey Kong.
Get the Metal Killer Skill from the skill tree as well as Equipping the Viridi spirit as she also gives Metal killer, this allows you to do extra damage to metal enemies. The two Metal killer skills do stack.

You also want to equip a spirit with the Franklin Badge Skill, it reduce your damage from any projectiles, this is a 2 slot skill.


sheeeeit, I have newfound appreciation for Simon Belmont. This guy allows for easy spam against pretty much anyone in Adventure mode so far…some battles I struggled with earlier have become way easier… I have much more of the map opened up at this point.