The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Yoshi's Crafted World 3/29! Super Mario Maker 2 in June! Links Awakening Remake!


When you need to fight monsters, not many better then the Belmont Clan.


I just thought you were just referencing his avatar.


I thought he misspelled shit.


:rofl: (character limit sucks BTW)




@Million-X wasn’t this on your wish list, homie? Ask and you shall receive.


Finally got everyone unlocked. After two days the game finally decided to let me do challengers approach again. I never wanna do that shit again. Lol


Nintendo Entertainment System Online January Update: Blaster Master and The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventures of Link

Yoshi’s Crafted World: Story Trailer (With release date!)


mannnn what a difference the choice of spirit/assist makes… even Belmont was getting wrecked by Fox who has a Legendary spirit assist in Adventure mode…basically he gets boosted defense, speed and power the more you damage him… I swapped out to a spirit that gives me a super armor effect, came back and CRUSHED that muthafucka soooo fast…he didn’t have time for all his bonuses to start building this time. ah, this unlocked a legendary primary spirit-- James McCloud, which looks like Fox with shades on…?

Sheeeeit, the super-armor is so ridiculous I’ll just keep it on forever…oh and I also have “Double Final Smash” now…so even if I miss with a Final…I still have another one right after it! haha these characters get so busted in this mode :rofl:


Wow Yoshi is March 29th that is sooner than I expected.

FYI it’s $53 after a 5% coupon on Amazon right now. I just preordered it.



haha, watching a dsp “detractor” stream earlier tonight…(*EDIT–the fun when LSB got in the match is here; he picked Deedede). stream-sniped the hell out of him in Smash Ultimate. The best he could do was 3rd place on 2 occasions, I think…at one point 2 folks from the other stream were the last 2 in the match, and just kept taunting repeatedly until Phil quit the damn match. Fun was had by all…except him of course. It appears he will NEVER do the lobby shit again with that game. sheeeeit, if he did I’m tempted to actually get Nintendo’s stupid ass online service to get in on the fun directly. Actually it probably won’t be long before he quits the game permanently since he usually gets his ass stomped in it. Haha yeahh there’s no way Phil is doing the lobby thing again.

Sadly it looks like I am nearing the end of Adventure mode…I’ve fought nearly every battle on the map now, and I’ve found a pathway to “Galeem” or whatever the thing’s name is.

*I’m still recovering from the Dragon’s Dogma news earlier today… PORTABLE Dragon’s Goddamn Dogma, folks…holy shit :open_mouth:


AoV is really addicting I gotta say, ended up buying 2 characters.
violet is pretty broken though


Was expecting dragon’s dogma to be $50 but it’s releasing at $30.




I got NSMB arriving tomorrow from Amazon. I never played either of those on Wii U so it should be fun.

Anyone who has played it, are all 164 levels single player levels? Or does that mean something like 120 single player levels and then 44 that are multiplayer only? Or are all levels playable in both single and multiplayer?


I was under the impression the whole game can be multiplayer. That would be real shitty if only some levels have multiplayer.

Anyways… All the damn speculation says the next direct is suppose to be today. Those fkers better be right.


I beat everything 100 percent single player. You have the option of playing with others and that’s fun in a more casual setting, but you may find yourself playing with people who can keep up with you. If that’s the case then it’s fun to fuck with each other and just have fun with it. I reserved my main save file for me alone and opened a second one to fuck around with multiplayer. You have the option to play every level with multiplayer.

I remember liking the increased challenge from the Luigi U game. Reminded me of how Luigi is in Super Mario Bros 2 (Lost Levels) and in Super Mario Bros 2 (Doki). His physics are different than Mario’s. The levels are shorter, with a decreased timer of 100, but the challenge is pretty awesome. Not quite the level of some shit I’ve played in Mario Maker, but they definitely raised it a notch from any other of the New Supe games.


Okay that is good news to hear, thanks. I know there are some games that have “special” levels for multiplayer. I don’t know if I’ll ever play this game multiplayer, but damn 164 levels is a lot!

And yeah I saw that Luigi floats like in SMB2 which is cool. And I think Peach is new to the Switch version right?