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Iirc no characters in NSMBU have special things about them aside from Toadette with her Peachette powerup and Nabbit…who is essentially easy mode.

edit: I don’t know if they changed the physics for the NSLU portion of the game. That I do not remember clearly.



I ordered this case and it just came in today

Fits pro controller and the charger and there should be enough room for when I finally make a portable dock. Might be too tight for some cables but those can go in another bag.


There is “always” a direct sometime in January according to Nintendo fans but I always feel it’s some sort of weird Mandela effect because it’s not true.

That said, with all these release dates and titles announced I feel like there was supposed to be a direct this month but the decided to cancel it for whatever reason. I have no ground to base that claim though it’s just a thought.


They did for Luigi in NSLU. He jumps higher and skids more.


They usually have a direct near the beginning of the year…these announcements are suspicious though.


Heard no direct in January at least. But likely we will get one closer to Feb or Mar.


As much as I love SE’s game output and their different studios, they have absolutely no clue about marketing and clever release schedules. I’m actually waiting for the tweet that confirms Crystal Chronicles HD for April 23rd so that we have a new Final Fantasy every week for three weeks straight.


Beginning of the year can mean January-March though imo.

But yeah, all these announcements and release date drops make me think there was a direct scheduled but they just decided to announce everything via YouTube and twitter instead.

Maybe theyre saving they major announcement for a direct. Iunno


If anyone cares Best Buy just posted their Limited Run Games Physical edition of Super Meat Boy.

Also, Dragons Lair Trilogy coming to Nintendo Switch eShop 1/17



damn this Adventure mode is longer than I thought it would be… I fought “Galeem” but now there’s still much more to it…

Belmont is still the main man…though even with his ridiculous projectile spam, some of these high-level cpus are a rough fight… a few I’ve ONLY passed because the cpu somehow killed itself.


I do think Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is in need of some patches. For some reason, my quick swap between forms stopped working and I have to go into the menu to switch forms now.

SEGA AGES OutRun is out on the American eShop. This is not a drill, SEGA AGES OutRun is out! In Cadillacs and Dinosaurs announcer voice GO, GO, GO!!!

I think I’ve become addicted to Spirits in Ultimate. I used up nearly all of my SP on a rematch and breaking a shield to get Calamity Ganon. I did get him though and his starting power even at level 1 is INSANE. I got him at Doc Louise Gym right now leveling up.

I also managed to get Pauline’s spirit in World of Light with only a few attempts. Used the staff to help starting out with Mega Man but in the end, I had to KO her when she was at the top left of the scree. Oh and I got Donkey Kong & Lady, which is another Legendary.


ha, I have Calamity Ganon spirit too… yeah the power level on some of these is silly…it’s so satisfying to get a Legendary one… I’m probably up to around 50 or 60 hours played at this point. I still have a fresh Starlink that I haven’t started because Smash is THAT damn good that I can’t get away from it.


Monster Boy definitely was buggy for me too. I never ran into that issue though. Did it fix when you closed and reopened the game?

Bugs I saw:

  • Sound effects would start slowly cutting out and then eventually no sound effects would happen. Noticed this in the Haunted Mansion level almost exclusively. Closing and reopening the game would fix it.
  • There is a green circle on my map that did not go away once I found the item in the area.
  • There is a question mark on my map that did not go away once I found the item in the area.
  • I probably had 1-2 crashes where the game completely crashes and closes in most of my sessions when playing this game.

I think those are the only ones I ran into. None of them stopped me from 100%'ing it though.


I so hate that Publisher. Their marketing practices are terrible.
They purposely extreme under produce so that they appear in high demand (worst than Nintendo with Amiibos). Plus their current marketing with the POUND Cables are straight up slander


They’re literally called Limited Run Games.


They know exactly what their demands are and they go far less than that.
They know they will sell over 10k copies but they make only 8k. They can see how quick their sales top off before they are out of stock, and they ignore customer requests for a larger print run time and time again.

Also it does not excuse them from their current marketing with the Pound cables.


It’s a collector’s thing, it’s obviously going to be limited. That’s pretty much the whole reason they exist: they take games that have been out for a while digitally and print them on a cartridge or burn them on a disc to sell them to collector’s who’d rather have it on the shelf than on their HDD.

If you don’t like that, you’re not their target audience.


Me thinks you’re failing to grasp what “Limited Run” means.

You keep repeating this like I know what you’re talking about and I should be outraged over it. Well, I don’t and I’m not.