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A company named “Limited Run Games” only releases a limited amount of games.


This is easily the dumbest thing I seen you complain about. Damn a publisher named Limited Run for actually living up to their name.


Yeah, I tried closing the game and reopening it. Twice. No luck. Haven’t played for a few days since I’ve been on the Ultimate Spirits grind. I’ll play it later today and see if the issue is resolved.

I’ve lost to Captain K. Rool Spirit 3 times now. I feel like that thing is taunting me whenever it appears on the Spirit Board. Whenever it does appear, you have 15 minutes before it leaves. Like the game knows you need time to prepare for this battle. I was so close to winning this time, too. If only he hadn’t hit me with that Final Smash…


You are giving them too much Credit, they know they have proven more demand than what they sell.
Insisting you got 100% everything sold because you sold less than half of what the demand is isn’t just a limited run, it’s an inability to know your customers. They play it way to safe with sales and ignore their customers. They show time and time again that they have a disdain for their clients and that their means of marketing caters only to the most extreme of fan boys who hovers all night at their store site till the game sales goes line only to see it sell out that same minuet. If your browser crash or you hit back accidentally your out of luck.

Then why did your ass comment on something you know squat about. Do your self a favor and just dont comment at all.

Also fuck you Purebeats and Hawkingbird.

I don’t like if you aren’t awake at 2am when they go live with the sale and click right away, you get nothing.
it’s one thing to have a limited print run, its another to run out in minuets and not make a effort to address all the other people who were just not fast enough other than saying “oh tough”.


At least spell correctly while you rage. I picture you shaking so hard as you rage type that you physically just can’t spell correctly because your hands are so shaky.

Who the fuck is Purebeats?


Your fake outcry on all this is very entertaining. Extremely stupid—but entertaining nonetheless


The hottest DJ in the game. His beats are straight fire. Too hot for even Dylan to handle. :wink:



Potato quality but still amazing


NSMBU is pretty fun. I wish the controls were a tad tighter. It doesn’t feel quite as tight as SMW on SNES but I started to get used to it. It may be playing with the analog just feels weird for this type of game. I didn’t really try the dpad but maybe that’s what I’ll try my next session.


I can’t play any 2D Mario games with analog. D Pad all the way.


Yep, d-pad all the way


Switch doesn’t have the best d-pad though. I’m not even talking about the Joycons but even the Pro Controller’s d-pad doesn’t feel particularly good for playing 2D games.

I did use the d-pad when I played Mario on WiiU though. For all its faults, that huge WiiU gamepad had one of the best d-pads ever made.


Yeah the dpad on Switch isn’t the greatest but I was playing it last night more with the dpad. But between levels I kept finding myself going back to the analog without even thinking about it, then I’d catch myself and switch to the dpad. It’s weird. I think I was doing it just because the analog is in the primary position and I’d just put my thumb back on there after it finished loading between levels. I finished the first 2 worlds last night though and it’ a pretty sweet game so far.


sheeeeit, I made another mii by the name of “Turdenberg”… basically thinking of a Jewish “dookieman” character…yeahhhhh baby that shit is going into the roster for Smash.

I’m still in Adventure, in the dark world at this point…now in the area with all the owl statues. There’s actually a slight puzzle element to figure out there…I got one of theme easy enough but looked up the other one on youtube…haha I’m not playing this game to spend even 6 seconds figuring some overworld map shit out; I’m just here to have fun beating the shit out of these characters and collecting my spirits and whatever else, man.

Hive Jump is out already… this definitely caught my attention:


Hori Joy-Con. Honestly, on a fighting game site, nobody here should be sleeping on that accessory. Only catch is it doesn’t work wirelessly.


Wait, TRILOGY?? There was a THIRD one?


Also it has no rumble or battery, it is exclusive for handheld mode.


No. They put in Space Ace as the third game.


You’re both right. For whatever reason they excluded Dragon’s Lair III: The Curse of Mordread and replaced it with Space Ace.

While I don’t mind, I just find it odd. Probably licensing issues since it wasn’t released on arcade like the three in the Trilogy were. It was released on atari ST, amiga and MS-DOS.


Curse of Mordread reused scenes from the first two. No point in putting it on there when it’s made of stock footage.