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That too.


Works for me, that’s all I play. I’m one of the weird guys that actually takes a portable outside the house.


Yeah the Hori L-Joycon (yep its only the left one) is pretty good for games like fighters, shmups and retro games.
One big flaw, it only works with the Switch in handheld/portable mode as it lacks bluetooth and battery.
So it’s worthless when it comes to accessories like the Flip and grip. For the Flip and Grip if you got a certain level of technical aptitude 3rd party replacement housings for the Joycon changes the 4 buttons into a physical D-pad. Its still not perfect as its a D-pad plastic over 4 buttons, so it does not have a good pivot in the center.

The worst part is the limitations of the Hori L Joycon is forced by Nintendo.
Nintendo have it with in them to do some amazing stuff with the Joycons, and I dont mean Labo.

Something like this artist rendering


I mean doing what the fan base was asking for a while now. Like they would of been half way to getting it right with a good start with the NES Joycons (but Nintendo had to be idiots and make it only ordeable from their website and only if you subscribe to their own online service for their NES Roms App). But Sega is killing it with porting their Master System, Genesis and Arcade stuff to the switch (Nintendo take notes).

I did found that the 8Bitdo Gbros. Wireless Adapter for the Switch a interesting compromise

Its an adapter for both Wii Controllers (such as the Wii Classic controller) as well as the GameCube Controller.
The Controllers for the NES and SNES Classics work with the Adapter as well. If you can deal with a SNES game pad for your Genesis, Neo Geo and Arcade and Fighting titles its actually a pretty cool little device.
And the SNES Game pad dont have a bad D-pad over all. The Adapter even has it’s own Home and Screen shot buttons.
Too bad they never made a Six button Sega Genesis or Saturn style game pad for the Wii/Wii U.


Oh those renders. I would own all of those to collect but use the GCN SNES ones the most.


it is bizarre that Nintendo isn’t capitalizing on all the possible joycon design ideas…how is it they DON’T realize the potential gravy train there? (and for very little production work on their part) The silly ass, small selection of color options they have right now is shit…but if they started with things like “SNES joycons” or GC, NES, etc. themes… I’d buy ALL that shit, basically…but the dumbasses don’t want all this extra money, I guess.


Take this with a grain of salt but a group of pretty credible dataminers have looked into NES Online and found plans for SNES Online along with a small list of games that will be available when it launches. They also found two “mystery” emulators they’ve been unable to identify.


Mystery Emulation could be PC Engine/Turbo Grafix, Nindy is all buddy buddy with the license holders of the old Hudson soft stuff


Doubtful. A lot people are speculating GameCube or Wii and some version of the Gameboy.


I highly doubt we see any Wii games, there more money in remaking the Wii titles over emulation for nindy

Also fuck anything For the Wii.


The reason people are saying Wii is because Nintendo has a Wii emulator for fhe Chinese Nvidia Shield which specs are almost exactly like the Switch. It currently only has Mario Galaxy, but it’s there. Add in joy-con function? Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Free money.



Played Mario Party on Switch last night for the first time. That game takes WAY too long to finish. There is so much shit that they should let you mash A to skip but they don’t, so you have to just sit through all this dumb shit while moving through board. It was kinda fun but I doubt I’ll play it again.


Tbh there hasn’t been a good Mario Party since 8. 9 and 10 were fucking awful due to everyone moving at the same time in the car. Literally no one liked that.


Dunno I have never been into em I just play em at my friends house sometimes. yesterday he brought his Switch and game over though so we gave it a go. The last one I played was probably the first Smash Bros game on gamecube.


That is the truth. 8 allowed for some simulacrum of skill and strategy on the game board, it lets you feel your choices on the board actually matters. 9 and 10 removed all that with that stupid car.


still haven’t unlocked ken and ryu or cloud in smash lol, oh well
went back to SF 30th AE and wohoo there are actually still some ppl playing alpha and 3rd strike and
I even had some good con matches on the switch


So I have like…$15 worth of Gold Coins but I have no idea what I should spend them on. :thinking:

What I’m currently eying:
Sengoku Series (Theyre 7.99 each so I could get 2 of them for basically free and pay out of pocket for the 3rd)
Strikers 1945 and Strikers 1945 II (7.99 each so I could get them both for $1)
The Messenger (I want to try it but I don’t want to pay for it.)
Guacamelee (I own it on PS4 and don’t really feel like double dipping but if I can get it for free, why not?)
Guacamelee II (I don’t want to try it for $20 but I’ll try it for $5)


sheeeeit, The Messenger is fun… I still haven’t finished it though since there’s so many other games on Switch I was hooked on…

ha, I only have 196 gold coins at the moment. I typically use them right away on whatever the next eshop purchase is. I think Hive Jump will be my next one… and I keep thinking about getting “FURI” as well. I’m up to about 31 games at this point…or 32 since Azure Striker pack is 2 games if I recall.


Yeah I have too many games, as usual, too. The Messenger is fun. I’ll get back to it…eventually.


I don’t really collect a backlog, I just don’t see the point. Right now I’m just really playing NSMB and that shit is pretty tough!


Strikers, those games are dope. Long live Psikyo!!! cries cuz they are dead