The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Yoshi's Crafted World 3/29! Super Mario Maker 2 in June! Links Awakening Remake!


I am loving SEGA AGES OutRun on the Switch. That new music is lit and as always, M2 delivers with the new features. I like having the option to allow for more time since I’m such a scrub at this game.

I finally got Kaptain K. Rool Spirit in Ultimate. If I see him in WoL I may just skip him if possible.

I enhanced my X Spirit and he gave me a lovely surprise: super armor with no slowdown. He only has one slot for a support Spirit, but hey! Super armor with no slowdown!!!

I enhanced my Muhkmar or whatever he is from Xenoblade and he gives metal AND giant at the start of a battle.

I tried Little Mac with all punch attacks enhanced and with one charged smash attack, he can put opponents in the red! He might just be my WoL main from here on out.


Outrun is well worth it.
One of the best arcade driving games ever


Uh, have the other seasons even been released on the Switch?


You are Welcome


Just redeemed some of my points to pick up the Gunman Clive HD Collection. I loved both the games on the 3DS and for $3.99, why not? I still have a shit ton of gold points left. Hopefully something along the way comes out that I can use them for.




Stardust Galaxy looks cool.


Smfh. I played crosscode demo on steam a couple weeks ago and I also read articles from the devs basically saying it would be too hard to bring it over to the Switch because it’s HTML5 or something so it would probably not happen.

Glad I didn’t buy it yet. I’ll wait for this version.


I hope they didn’t get rid of any of the hilarious glitches in Goat sim.



they need some more damn customization for the Miis, man…at least a little bit more. I know that’s a low priority but mannnn the creativity is SO handicapped on that shit…it’s worse than Destiny’s customization, man…goddamn Destiny! You know that’s sad :laughing: I was just trying to make Mike Tyson (like from Punch-Out! for Smash, of course) but it just wasn’t really looking like him at all…then I tried to make Nino Brown from New Jack City, and that’s not really working for me either

Dragon Marked for Death next weeks, folks!


Metroid Prime 4 Developers update



For those that got Ultimate and did your registering before Jan 31, you can get Piranha Plant. Remember to check the e-mail to get your code. If you bought it digitally, it should be automatic. Point is, the Plant is here.


And it’s already causing problems.


Weirdly enough, the amount of glitches and bugs prove they really rushed the development of this game compared to past titles. Hopefully this isn’t a common problem with future DLC.


Yeah. For sure. I haven’t been really following smash ultimate but videos of people showing off glitches are consistently in my YouTube feed.

Iunno wtf nintendo is doing but they need to be on the ball with this kinda shit.


I remember back when glitches in Nintendo games were considered gameplay features.

Even back then, nobody would give data corruption a pass.

Not even once.

Fuck Castlevania.

I still chuck rocks for countless frozen boomerangs.


The truth as been spoken.

Prime example of Bugs being presented as features.
I remember that Combos in street fighter came from a stack overflow bug that allows for animation cancels. You should not be able to cancel one attack animation to go into the next, but people loved it and so they called it a feature.

This is where they delay a game (or even cancel a game) instead of releasing it in a half-assed state.
DK 64 started this trend as they have a huge game breaking bug that never was fixed, Rare’s half-ass repair was to include the N64 Ram expansion Jumper Pack early as a bandaid fix. The Expansion pack never actually fixed the issue, it just made the bug less likely to occur further back into the game.
All because Nintendo was adamant about Rare making the Christmas shopping season.