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Games back in the day were WWWAAYYYY less complex than they are now. They also didn’t have the ability to patch anything so QA back in the day was better probably. The ability to patch games after launch has definitely made companies sloppy with putting out games that aren’t as polished as they should be. Not all companies are like this though, only some of them.


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I was wondering wtf that was lol. Damn 10 years. Pretty sure SF4 is why I joined this site, because that was the first fighter I really took serious and went to tournaments and stuff.


09 is the new OG?

Reality dyslexia.

Fuckin’ time…

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Anyone pick up War Groove? it is available on other platforms but given the nature of the game and the Switch’s portability, it seems like a perfect fit for the system.

Piranha Plant is mad fun. I can see a lot of players hating it when they have to go up against him, though. The mind games you can play with poison is unreal and it can even break shields.


You know how things go. Lowered standards and all that…


Love your ava.

Best current cartoon.


Which are Piranha Plant’s weaknesses? Looks as if it has almost anything: projectiles that knock out, an Up B attack that recovers it from anywhere and also attacks to boot, some long reaching hits… honestly has the stench of pay2win DLC all over it.



Darksiders is showing up in the “coming soon” section on eshop… that game is such a frustrating case for me; I still hate that it turned out to just not be the awesome action game I wanted it to be. Instead it was one of the most annoyingly tedious goddamn series I’ve ever played, with the fighting and action taking a backseat to “go over there, then flip that switch, then cross dimensions and jump on that spot, then climb up here to get the thing, then go to the other side of the world and stand on this rune symbol, then a door activates and then you can walk a tightrope and go here, THEN you have to..”
mannn fuck all THAT. I just wanted to fight and kill things in style like your average DMC or Bayonetta game, man…with the bonus of it having the awesome designs of Joe Madureira (one of my comic book artists favorites of all time)…that’s all I wanted from that game. A certain old friend I know is still into the series even though it frustrates him too; not sure why he still sticks with it. The game-breaking glitch in part 2 was the last straw for me. It is doubtful I’ll ever be interested in the series again unless it drastically changes.

ONIKEN is coming soon, and I’m definitely all over that…it’s only 10 bucks.


Smash vids:



Downloaded the Demo for Just Shapes & Beats. Very different take on the SHMUP genre. I think I could get down with this one.

I know most of us here greatly love the Pro Controller but how do you feel about the control pad? I’ve had some missed inputs on it from time to time but I still think it’s an outstanding controller and is my go to for most Switch games. Even playing Smash Ultimate on it feels pretty good.

I was reading some YouTube comments (big mistake, I know) and saw some say that the Switch has too many Indie games and not enough AAA titles. I was like, the eff? The reason the Switch has so many Indie titles is because one, the system is easy to develop for, two Nintendo is being much for friendly with Indies this time around and three, Steam’s quality control has turned into a crap show.

As for AAA games, I mean, the Switch has them, but great games are great games, regardless of whether they are made with an inflated budget or not.

More SHMUPs I picked up: Black Bird (was on sale for $12.99), Toast Time: Smash Up!, Horizon Shift 81. Owning a Switch is pretty much essential if you love shooters.


The eShops is just as bad imo. There is so much fucking Shovel ware. Lazy ports and TONS of simply awful and bad games on the eshop


True, there are bad games on the eShop, but I’d say Steam is far worse. Lazy asset flips and many are pretty blatantly ripped off.


Give it time. Nintendo Switch will get there. It’s hard enough to sift through the bullshit as it is. As the life cycle of the switch goes on so will the garbage in the eshop


The worst I’ve seen in the eShop are ports of mobile games. Once it gets asset flips that infest Steam and PSN that’s when the eShop will go down the shithole. I don’t see Nintendo getting lazy with curation like Valve.


I’ve never had any issue with my Pro Controller and dropped inputs so I wonder if you have a defective one. I’ve had mine since launch.


Yeah. I’ve never had an issues with my pro controller. It’s literally the only controller I use on my switch.


so far so good with mine, though it is new… I just got my pro controller a few weeks ago.

*Unruly Heroes - this game is even better than what I was anticipating, man… the controls are good, and as you’ve all seen, the visuals are incredible. …which reminds me—it would be great if the art team behind this game could assist Inti-Creates. The only issue I’ve taken with Inti is the visual side of their games… I’d love to see one of their games with better art/animation… like real high-resolution, fluidly animated stuff. At least they aren’t super lowballing it with 8-bit or lesser graphics though…when it comes to the “retro” look, it is nice that they generally go for 16-bit at least.

sheeeeeit, man this will be remembered as truly one of Nintendo’s greatest systems.