[The No Obots Club] - SE Michigan - November-January

Posting with Yoshimitsu’s blessing.

This new thread, of course, is the crystallization of our ongoing efforts to escape ass beatings from Obot in CVS 2. By playing more videogames at Ivy’s house, his hated enemy, he has essentially been shut out.

Future CVS 2 ass beatings will be administered by Luke.

Name: Known to the higher cosmic entities as, The Deity
Occupation: Unknown
Identity: Known to the higher cosmic entities as, The Deity
Legal Status: N/A
Marital Status: Unknown, possibly, The Deitress
Known Relatives: Unknown
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: N/A
First Appearance: THE OMNIVERSE #1
Origin: The Deity was the first creation from Heaven, eons before Michael and Lucifer(Satan) were born. Before dark and light was created, there was nothing, an unclassified. When Lucifer and Michael were created, The Deity left Heaven to create it’s own universes. The One Above All was telling The Presence why The Deity left Heaven: It left Heaven because it was not satisfied with God’s creation of Heaven, which lead to disagreements and lead to The Deity leaving Heaven. It is still unknown what role The Deity has, only God knows. The Living Tribunal and The Spectre was sent to destroy The Deity because it was gonna destroy ALL life, creations, and existance, and they failed. After The Deity’s first encounter with the 2, they were blinked out of existance and couldn’t be brought back by even The Presence and The One Above All. The 2 were shocked at how much power The Deity posseses. They tried everything they could to destroy The Deity and couldn’t destroy it so that even Satan himself was afraid for the very 1st. time. Satan helped The Presence and The One Above All to try and destroy The Deity and still failed. The Deity was disapointed at the 3 because they couldn’t destroy it but, at the same time was amazed at how much power the 3 had and therefore, it brought The Living Tribunal and The Spectre back in existance and let Satan, The One Above All, and The Presence still live and exist.
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Eyes: Transparent
Hair: N/A
Gender: Above gender classification
Features: Non physical but, can take on any form it desires
Powers: Above ALL reality, time, space, and Hell.

Greetings, Humanoids.

For no reason at all (other than it’s true :badboy: ), I proclaim myself the greatest gamer in the land.

Oh, yeah, and voting’s important, blah blah blah.


Check PM, Jin.

Said by Ivy in the old thread that allowed obots
"Certainly there is some other trendy thing he could also have an avatar of. He has to show his Irish/Nigerian heritage."

Do you know something that I dont know Ivy???

Heh, hey Obot, Ivy secrectly found out that I’m the bastard son of an Irish immigrant robot. I didn’t think he’d discover my secret.:cybot:

HEY YO Ed, and Diarra yall know we gotta include D-rock in this (Derrick) we can’t 4get our boy in the killin spree! Hey does any 1 know when the game comes out anyway cause I don’t?

Raw vs. Smackdown dropped today Juan, I won’t have it till around Thanksgiving though. D-rock said he’s ready when we are, so it’ll be a little 4 on 4 going. I want to merc them Circuit City fags myself(they cool though). Me, you, Diarra, and Derrick can take anyone on. WolfPack '04. Holla!

Nice scenario on the other Page Diarra, it’ll no doubt go something like that.

I really expected the Lions to win that game, but without Roy Williams it proved to be a huge factor. I have been saying all season that the Lions will finish 8 and 8. They won’t make the playoffs, but will be a force to be reconed with next season. Earlier this week I said they need to keep Charles Rodgers healthy or get rid of him like Porcher. In the meantime the Pats lose to the Steelers, I’m content with that, another win for the Atlanta Vicks…I mean Falcons, and T.O.'s Ray Lewis dance was not only entertaining, but shows how much of an ass he is. But he said it better himself, “if you want me to stop doing this type of stuff, stop me from going to the end zone” and the Eagles are 7 and 0.

I was at U of M Flint over the weekedn and it was crazy up there, that was one of the best College football games I’ve seen in a minute.


I will be ther tomorrow to get Bush out of office.


I know a whole fuckload that you don’t know, Obot. NO OBOTS IN THIS THREAD.

That ? was in reference to the aforementioned quote from your personage…
But I guess you didnt notice, with out any new-fangleings attached to it.

By the way you fucktard, this thread has my name on it… All I can see is Obots Club. Stop perping, you know that with wiz closing and vdo being mia… If I stop gaming what will the next big name in gaming be? SenatorIvy? I think not.

It’s no Obots. We’re allowed one.

We are allowed one pink furry thing.

Raw vs. Smackdown dropped today Juan, I won’t have it till around Thanksgiving though. D-rock said he’s ready when we are, so it’ll be a little 4 on 4 going. I want to merc them Circuit City fags myself(they cool though). Me, you, Diarra, and Derrick can take anyone on. WolfPack '04. Holla!

I plan on picking that one up this week or next :tup: . I won’t be ready for the online thing for awhile though because I don’t have a Network Adapter and we all know dial up sucks. :tdown:

Yeah, you really got me there; I guess if all the other people who’re better than you already don’t go out to “cali” to get shamalamma’s blessing to play then they can’t be big. I’ll just have to live with being a man of intelligence and marketable skills, and you can be the next big thing in shitty trend x. You put so much value on being good in cvs2, but you apparently still don’t do it well; the people who are big in it now haven’t had more time at it than you, and they seem to play more than one game.

To clarify, that means you are not as good as them.

As for Juan being “mia,” he’s not missing; everyone knows he went to CT. You know, for an actual job, which unlike you pro cvs2 and halo players will bring in more than 13 cents an hour.

So there you go: the man who’s vastly better than you and recognized out of town in the game you want to be good in needs a job because cvs2 doesn’t seem to pay the bills. Rushdown that, Obot, you stupid fuck.

I’ll make this as short as possible since I’ve been busy with homework, school, running a league, car issues, and my month long jury duty services:

My bowling league that I run needs another team or two. If you are interested, PM me, and I can give you details. It’s a Sunday night league. For those who did take interest, the attachment is in Microsoft Word. Thanks.

Obot’s a better sport than Lycan!

(I’m back!!)

(evil laughs)

FOOLISH FLESH CREATURES!! I, The Deity, will destroy ALL in Street Fighter Alpha 3. (evil laughs)

we shall see :badboy: