The Noobtube FreeZone: Crysis 2 Thread

Introduction: [media=youtube]f3IzxKE86EQ]YouTube - [HD[/media]

Crysis 2 Futuristic Modern Warfare Reach Beta is out only on Xbox360 (soon PC), I say that jokingly of course. Crytec have obviously taken a lot of inspiration from MW and Halo but what they’ve done is quite unique especially the killstreaks. For those that haven’t played it, everytime you kill someone they will drop a dog tag. You must pick up these dog tags to build up killstreaks. It stops people from camping.

This game is fast paced :woot: A lot of people run around trying to melee, but once you earn your radar this doesn’t become much of an issue.

Gameplay footage of another map, Pier 17 graphics are amazing :wow: [media=youtube]SuTKio8-jnQ[/media]

If you play MW you will get to grips with this game quite easily thanks to the very similar control scheme. I like to rush so being able to use camo and sprint at the same time really suits my play style. Seems like this game will allow you to really customize your character to your specific playstyle.

Yeah I played one match and fell in love, this game is amazing, I haven’t had so much fun in a shooter since CoD4.

Only things that bug me so far are the one-kill melee, HMG starter doing a fuck ton of damage, and the usual FPS lag (I got melee’d from two feet away, YEAH BUDDY)

But the graphics, game play and map design is fantastic. Putting a pre-order down soon. Pier 17 looks great.

Looks interesting. Whether or not it’s a Halo game in disguise is the question.

No, you can kill the enemy with bullets pretty easily. I was able to down three guys with one Scar clip. Unlike in Halo where I’d empty my clip on one dude, shield drops, and we melee dance for a bit.

I’m down. When does it drop?

The melee system is exactly like Halo, except instead of having a permanent shield in Crysis you have to turn it on and off.
If you don’t have the drop on your opponent switch straight into armour mode, at this point if you get meleed it only drains your armour but does not kill you.

Lag seems to be an issue when Meleeing or maybe it’s the size of the hit box. It’s so bizarre when someone jumps over you and the punch the air and still get the kill.

I’m beasting on the sniper went 24 - 0 :rock:

March 22.

Yeah I was saying on the 360 thread how much I was enjoying this game…if only I could connect to a goddamn match >:-/

PC is going to be where it’s at for this, I wonder how much DX11 goodness they’ved pumped into this.

Funny I’ve heard a lot of talk from people not being able to connect to games, it’s only ever happened once for me, but after I rebooted the xbox it worked fine.

The demo only froze on me once. It ran perfectly the rest of the times. Holy shit is it pretty. Looks almost as good as Crysis 1 did on my pc.

I said it in the other thread, but use the Hologram. Free kills every time. lol

Not tried the hologram how does it work??

Once you get the upgrade, you have to hit left on the dpad, and fire. It sends out a hologram of yourself running forward into whichever direction you are pointing at. It’s so good, because it doesn’t look like one. There are no wavy lines or anything, until it expires. It looks exactly like you do.

All of the knife lunging / melee happy people run straight to it.

New Crysis 2 trailer: [media=youtube]rLc97cj1VWE[/media]

I just reached rank 10 in the demo. Pretty happy about the game overall. Just finished the first game. Man what an over hyped piece of sexiness lol. VTOL stage was HORRIBLE. Bosses were boring. Lame ass aliens (two main enemy types? That’s it?!) I got weapon dependent (my fault yes but I like a game that subtly reassures you that dropping one weapon for another is ok and that you’ll do fine regardless) so I worried a lot about ammo for some weapons.

But any time I was running around killing Koreans I was happy. Oh boy oh boy was I happy. Also the entrance to the mine level into the alien ship level out to the frozen jungle. Those are my favorite set pieces. I just like how they handled all that. Crysis is certainly no Half-Life.

EDIT: As soon as you unlock Crash Site play that. It’s a much better experience since you’ll use all your tactics and equipment to win. And the hologram is the mother effing shit for Crash Site because the person will attack your holo and then sit in the holding zone. Then you shoot! Squeee! And I think the game could be fun without kill streak awards.

Early unfinished version of Crysis 2 appears on Torrent site

Bastards this is not good for the game, delay is looking likely.

yea man people. Please support your devs, even tho you may want to try it, please make sure that buy the games you like. Things like this is why developers are shying away from the PC platform

This looks pretty fuckin awesome.

Gonna be hard to rip myself away from KZ3 beta though lol

Very true, I was actually disappointed when Ono said he wouldn’t port SSF4 to the PC for that reason.

I’m glad I didn’t waste money on COD:BO or especially Reach. I recently bought Dead Space 2, getting MVC3 tuesday, so I can only afford one fps for now. Besides what’s the point of owning a lot of fps’s if your time is so divided that you can’t dedicate time to ranking up and getting good at any of them?