The NorCal Downtown Throwdown 5/16/10 Lodi,CA


There will be a Super Street Fighter IV tournament coming up on May 16. We wanted to advertise this early because we wanted it to be a big event.

The tournament will be for CASH PRIZES and the pot will be split up 70%, 20%, 10%. The entry fee will be 10 dollars 2 of which will go towards the Venue. Not only will there be a tournament but also a Independent Capcom Trade Show, where there will be: Comics/Manga, Video Games, Wall Scrolls, Controllers, Arcade Sticks and Parts. Bottled water will be provided.

The address for the Venue is.

9 West Pine St
Lodi Grapevine Comics
It is ran by Alan Chan.

We will also be setting up a pay pal method to pay ahead of time but will have open enrollment the day of. The tournament will be held on the PS3. We can provide standard PS3 controllers but you will be able to bring any of your own equipment. There will be a losers and winners bracket double elimination. Enrollment starts at 11am and ends at 1 pm tournament starts at 2pm to give players time to relax have casuals and eat lunch.

Parking is free there is a free parking garage around the block on Elm and Pine not sure if there is an address if there is one and update the post. If there is a large turn out then this will be a monthly thing and if anyone can help get a live stream please leave a comment or for any other questions contact.

Randal Weber @ 209-369-1405 Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am - 7 pm

Thank you and lets get some hype in NorCal


Awesome thanks for having these ill definately be there


good to hear man. it would be great if we get a good showing that way we can get some more local tournaments, usually theyre all and hour and a half away.