The NorCal GGXX/MBAA/BBCS Matchmaking thread

This is the The NorCal GGXX/MBAA/BBCS matchmaking thread. Since we simply don’t have a presence on SRK, I’ve decided to make our presence known, even if it may just result to pointing people in the right direction such as Dustloop or MeltyBread.

Elaborating on why I’m starting a thread here, it’s because lately we’ve been putting in a lot of work in trying to kick the scene back into high gear by running ranbats and streaming our events. However I’ve noticed that sometimes we get viewers on the stream who don’t know about our events and are like WHOAH WHERE IS THIS AND WHOAH THIS IS FIVE MINUTES FROM ME. I suspect that it’s just because no one from our community posts on the SRK Regional Forums. There was a thread for our ranbat in the Events section and the Calendar here on SRK but as far as I could tell, it was no good! No disrespect to TaoFTW or anything (the man who’s been working his ass off putting the scene into high gear) but people simply just don’t visit those sections of SRK.

Our next ranbat is scheduled for the first Saturday of March which is the 6th! Come out and be there! If you want to train with casuals before this, post! I highly recommend getting to know the community on Dustloop and MeltyBread! I will keep this thread alive by updating it with news as it comes such as further ranbat announcements, etc.

Get hype at March 6th. We’re starting up the MBAA/GGAC ranbat season three. Anyways, here’s some useful links for you all:

With EVO hosting MBAA on it’s venue, I believe it’s high-time for Nor Cal’s Melty scene to rise up and take initiative. I’ll give you guys the space as long as you can provide the hype!

I’d be interested in coming out to stuff to get some practice in MBAA provided the transportation is available to me :smiley:

Wish I could say everything was five minutes away from me though. Oh well.

Where do you live? If you live close to me, I can to give you a ride to the sessions or ranbats.

From the Sacramento area and would love rides out for all the events (I can put down on gas). Not too knowledgable on melty, but I’m sure it shouldn’t be that bad to learn.

I’d love to see some Sac people come down here sometime. No homo. :3 My endeavor to find hotel space is proving to be a perilous, but rewarding, task. This is all speculation, but we may be able to have our first major with BBCS, MBAA and GGAC at late August.

This will only happen when the community steps up to produce the hype!

Thread’s good, now we know who’s to blame for CVS2 not being at EVO.

Here are the few videos I’ve recorded yesterday for MBAA, without audio :frowning:



Mack, I might host something in the next few weeks for MBAA. Tsubasa said he’s willing to drive up to Sacramento and bring bay area people with him. Right now I’m probably going to shoot for March 6th. You’re welcome to come.

People can also play BB too if they’re interested.

arghhh ugly vids of me y u do dis

btw scott march 6th is the day of the norcal ggac/mbaa ranbat =\

I am in the Sacramento area also. I can pay for gas, and bring whatever I can whenever.

I’m still working hard to find us a viable venue. Please help me out here guys! :frowning:

Any luck at SJSU? De Anza? Foothill?

GJ on the last tourney Tao. I had a lot of fun coming down and hopefully i can make it to round 2.

SJSU is most likely a negative.

To those who don’t know, I’m trying to start a fighting game club @ SJSU. We need 4 other members who are enrolled and are willing to give me their ID’s so we can get it rolling. Last day is this Thursday!

0I have a possible venue. I know a guy that knows the owner of a comic book store in Downtown Sacramento. I met him at the S.E.G.A. meeting on Friday. I’ll talk to him and see if he can try to make something happen. And we were playing Guilty Gear(I brought it, everyone else was playing Marvel, SF4 and TvC… and they were all confused at what was going.)

My good sir, get confirmation before affirmation.

I’m going to check out the place today then, and talk to the owner. How should I do that?

You can say something along these lines, “Hello, I’m [insert name here]; I am speaking on behalf of the Northern California Competitive Fighting Game Community - particularly within the realms of GG/BB/MB. Would it be possible to reserve a space, in your facility, to host one of our monthly tournaments?”

If you can get a yes, I will add your venue to our Event thread.

Edit: We are likely going to go to the East Bay this time. The next, seemingly, spacious venue is available at Fremont - stay tuned for more details.

I <3 taoftw

Alright. Thanks for the advice. Well even though you already found a place, I’ll still just go to try to get another place for hosting. The more places the better, right?