The NorCal GGXX/MBAA/BBCS Matchmaking thread

:lol: YES! I :lovin: Guilty Gear AC and Blazblue. I don’t have that many people to play with but if it’s in the east bay I’m there :rock: I live one city over. Also I’m trying to get better at Tatsunoko vs Capcom :wgrin:

Koogy <3


No homo.

Absolutely, I also implore you to take initiative and revive the Sac scene. Even if there’s only five people rep’n Sacramento, I’d rather see a small, close-nit, group rise up to help rebuild our community. You may have to drain your wallet for traveling - and searching for venues - but that’s the investment you have to make miracles.

To substantiate what Spirit Juice said, yes, I’ll drive out to Sac if there’s something happening & there’s no conflict with another event. The weekends right now are really busy with all the BB, GG, & MB events as of recent. X_x

I’d love to see stuff go down in sac, if only for the fact that it’s really close by. SJ and beyond is a really long drive and there’s really no hope of me getting out there at all unless I’ve got a car available (still trying to fix this x_X), and even then it’s quite a distance.

Reviving Nor Cal Thread is now updated with a hit-confirmed venue. Check it out; we’ll be heading to Fremont this time.

Edit: Right now, my focus is to build the bay area scene till it can sustain itself. Therefore, I will make some initiative to get people going to the Sac crew or, at the very least, to Concord.

Edit2: GGAC 2v2 team battles is now in the lineup.

For anyone who’s interested in playing Melty, I’m gonna push to have regular Saturday sessions @SJSU, whenever there’s no conflicting event. Actually, it’ll likely happen even w/some conflicting events such as the BB tourneys @SVGL. People can swing by before and/or after the tourney, like Spirit Juice did this last weekend.

There will be no session this week, but I’ll update this thread when there is one.

An update on my end: Still haven’t gone to that place I mentioned. Busy with school. Will definitely check it out tomorrow or Friday.

A friend of mine is throwing a tournament in Elk Grove’s DeVry college on March 20. The games to be played will be Street Fighter IV, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Melty Blood: AA. I forgot what he wants as entry/venue fee and prize distribution, but i’ll get back at him.

TL;DR ver…
Tournament announcement
Elk Grove DeVry College
Street Fighter IV, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Melty Blood: Actress Again

That date collides with a tournament in SoCal that we’re looking to travel to =\

What are your prospects for local MBAA participants anyways?

hey, anything going on around san jose? or palo alto? i am coming up to visit from chicago for 5 days.

When? This weekend there won’t be anything going on. We’re having a ranbat on March 6th.

Real talk, I don’t think the Sac area is all that beefy. If anything I only thing I know is that SpiritJuice and I are prolly the only ones in the area taking the game seriously right now. Then again i could be proven wrong at the tourney.

We would love for you to attend our events, so here’s some of our latest ones you can check out:

  • SVGL (Sunnyvale Golfland) BBCS singles ranbats (2/27, 6pm)
  • SVGL BBCS 2v2 Team battle (3/13, 6pm)
  • GGAC/MBAA monthly ranbats - held in Fremont this time; for more information, check out this thread (3/6, tentative to start at 12pm)

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That just about sums it up in a nutshell. There’s lots of action happening around the bay area nowadays.

Kind of wanted to host a gathering at my house on the 6th for MBAA… grumble grumble Now it seems like the soonest I can do this is the 20th.

Perhaps you can host a ranbat in the upcoming future?

TaoFTW: Thanks for replying so soon, but I will only be here until next Tuesday, so unfortunately can’t participate in the ranbats. would have liked to though.

so anything going on this weekend?

I seemed to miss this post. I’ll be there since it’s right in my backyard anyways. I’d be surprised if more than 8 people show up. :lol:

Maybe, but having 20 or more people in my living can get really damn crowded.

It’s best to stay in touch with Honnou (Rod) for casual gatherings. He’s a solid Ino player who used to meet with Elvenshadow on a regular basis in JP. You should head up to Daly City for a few gatherings. I’m busy up to my ass this week, so I can’t stick around. :frowning:

Are there any available local comic stores - or what not - that are willing to host some tournaments? :o

I know of one, but last time we used it in Sac the venue was $5.

I’m going to finally go to the comic store in Downtown I mentioned before. I’ll also contact the guy that knows the owner. I’ve met him already (at the S.E.G.A. meeting last week), and I have his AIM address. …And I should get to sleep.

@Spirit: I got that Actress Again. Who wants to own me at that and Accent Core?