The Northwest majors carpool thread


Starting this thread in the hopes that having people carpooling will help boost attendance at NW majors. Post up if you need a ride, or if you are planning on driving and can take people.

I am coming from Bellevue, and can take 3 other people (4, if you are willing to sacrifice a little comfort). I’m only entering SF4, but I want to at least catch the finals for the other games, so I will probably be leaving at 11:00am.

Everyone help out the community (and the environment) and give someone a ride.

Edit: Adding list of people who need/can give rides, along with location.

People who are driving (handle - location):
Mikehascookies - Bellevue, WA
Taiga_Knee? - Eugene, OR

People who need a ride:
h.duke? - Bellevue, WA


Is anyone heading through Puyallup maybe? And if not is anyone willing to let me crash at there place till buses start running the next day? :smiley:


If anyone fromthe Portland area still has room can I carpool with? If you need gas money I’ll be happy to pay.


Hey Mike I eat cookies. Just ask Zach, he hooked me up with some cookies one day. . . .It was tight. mmmm.

Also, X20, Ill let you know if I can get you in. I was thinkin about rollin up with some marvel guys(SamB, Lawrence), so I’ll let you know if that happens. Not sure what the plan is yet though.

P.S. Who are you?


Dann wants to get a ride to Portland AFTER the Majors.

He is a cool guy. Any chance this could happen?


My name is Evan and I play kof,blazblue and a little bit of tekken and VF.


Yo Mike, I’m in the Bellevue area (off 148th street), and I’m planning on going. I might have to take you up on that if I can’t get my car tires replaced soon.


I think I can accomodate you, since I’m sure you’re aware that we have to leave around 5 AM or so to make it there in time to enter KOF XII and all that.

After that my car is full, OMNE and RayBladeX have the other spots.


I’m from Eugene. I’ll let you know the detail when I get them. If I’m driving I definitely already have 2 ppl other than me in the car. Again, I’ll let you know what I can, when I can.

Also Dann is not from Portland. He will be visiting from Seattle and giving me money for MM at NWM.


Ok cool just pm me. And I can give you directions to my or if you want to meet anywhere.


NO! thats my free money!


Ey dann I heard that guy ragequit on samB cus my samtrax is 2 nice.


Fair enough. It’ll end up in my hands anyways for the same reason. :slight_smile:

Ey I got money on Samthrax over danthrax. Min $3

Also this is what Sam said he’s gonna do to traffic if we roll up


X20ASTRIKEFREEDOM, it sounds like you’re taken care of, so I’m gonna take your name off the list.

h.duke, I got you man. Let me know whats up.


especially Otis Spunkmeyer. Those are bomb.

So it looks like Jeff the Baller is gettin the ride hookup and we will be taking Dann the man back to Portland with us. We will also be taking SamB and Lawrence also. I will see if we can take anyone else.

Seriously though. Otis Spunkmeyer.


SamB vs Dann! Get hype. I’m down to bet on this Theo.


Hey, guys. Don’t waste your money. I’d bet on Sam Free, Free-o, and Lawrencefreeum over me. I’m weak at Marvel.


Your MSP fuckin’ sucks.


Anybody got room for me?


ey evan I’ll take that. Tell Jmar n row I’ll play em for a cnote each