The NorthWest Needs More Tournaments imo

What’s with the huge drought of tournies?

I’m finished with organizing them in BC, cause last time i did (for Jan. 21st) nobody from Seattle showed any interest in comming.

I don’t want any dumb home tournies either, cause I can’t use home sticks worth shit!

Is Loki planning on any tournies in the next month or something? Competition for certain games is getting boring when everybody in BC has thier own fucking arcade within walking distance of thier house/school/work

The problem down here is that we don’t have any arcades to host a cab tournament anymore. Even Woodinville Lanwerx is sending their cabs away to Silverdale minus Zach’s cabs which he is keeping. Things looked good when Loki started doing tournies but he disappeared after the last one without even reporting results. Still a mystery to me what happened… I even asked him at the tournament about future events and he seemed pretty excited to continue doing them.

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I blame it on the ADD kid.

Well, nothing says you have to actually feed the troll.

Well I might as well ge this back on track. I really wanted to go to the tourney that was scheduled for Jan.21 it was really lame that it was cancelled cause I took a full day off of work just to go to the tourney but instead went to Rush. Come on guys we need tournies anywhere (Seattle, Vancouver, please keep it somewhat local) If anybody knows any arcades willing to host us I would gladly run the tourney as long as someone can hook us up.:wgrin:

People from around the country randomly ask me about running local tournaments and hoping I can get people to stop by (my favorite is the random Mexicans that I’ve never met before and have never held a tournament), and my response is usually: just run a local tournament and have that be good and be something that people would want to go to.

I personally might stop by a BC tourney at JZee’s if and only I was in the area - those are really awful controllers to play on. I don’t know about other places y’all play at. I don’t know who’s excited to travel and who actually has much $$$ to travel. I think people are starting to make the transition back to having gas money again, but …

As regards local tourneys, the hand-off from Bellevue to Woodinville was crappy and as noted the people who run LanWerx aren’t taking much pride in their machines (sorry guys, but to me it’s really apparent), so we’re kind of stuck in between gears, as it were.

We could locally do house tourneys or try to adopt a new arcade.

My interim solution is to try to run monthly house parties. Get the gang back together some, and work from there. I’m open to better ideas.

Moe: Stop it. The NW forums limp along as it is and don’t need retardedness being thrown into the mix.

Zach, If you can get some tournies going, I’m sure me and some other BCers would come down for the competition.

That last Loki tourny I was at was super fun… but apparently (according to IceNine) he just fell off the face of the planet or something… what happened to him? I also talked to him, and he seemed pretty enthusiastic about more tournies… I hope he comes back and hosts more! that was good times for sure!

I think as far as tourneys go, house tourneys would be the only alternative I think because there really isn’t any arcades around. Well not any real ones anyway, unless you wanna consider Bullwinkle’s lol.

NW needs more XvsSF, that’s real talk.

lol oh navid
you haven’t even been to many seattle tournies

they have NEVER in the past shown interest in attending, but that didn’t stop me from running 10+ tournaments

just worry about keeping the scene alive in your area. if someone has money or free time, they will show up for it. but to cancel a tournament STRICTLY for the 3 or so out of towners that will show up is kinda bullshit. i thought you didn’t have a reason for it. but to find out that it was because you wanted some out of towners to show up, while the rest of the province were eagerly awaiting a tournament, really shows how you shouldn’t be the one running and or organizing the tournaments.

basically, you let us all down, but only because you felt let down yourself but how most other players didn’t wanna come.

but think about it this way, most of the players down south don’t play third strike.

ALL of the players who now post in the BC players thread play third strike. it shouldn’t even be called bc players. all the cvs2 and marvel players (they number about as many as third strike) don’t post on and if there were a tournament, I"D have to be the jackass trying to get them all to come.

if you organize another tournament, there have been already people showing interest. so you might as well do one. console tourneys do restrict the amount of awesomeness you can achieve. but look at tariq and mazdak. they don’t like cabinets, and yet they’re still willing to go to a tournament and play like shit. so you should also just go to as many as you can, there’s no need to be stingy on the tournies.

i kinda miss the double entry tournaments, those were really fun and took up the WHOLE day. but the only way they’d work if it’s only for one game at a time. double and triple entries for marvel, third strike and cvs2 were just retarded

organize another one navid. cuz i sure as fuck won’t. or get tariq to. his tournament wasn’t too bad

Tao, you dumbass. you and Jay both said you wouldnt attend. Koost probably wouldnt attend, and lots of other people wouldnt attend for T5 from Victoria

The tourny wasnt cancelled just because of seattle people. Stop being so fucking hypocritical. YOU SAID YOU WOULDNT ATTEND, SO SAYING “YOU LET US DOWN” IS PURE BULLSHIT.

lol i specifically said that i would come late

and uhhh, just cuz i don’t attend, why should you cancel the tournament?
is the tournament ONLY for one person? geeze navid, you’re being retarded. there hasn’t been a tournament EVER where every player attended. so why are you blaming this on me? so what if me and jay don’t go? that means koost or someone else will easily win. like who cares. the tourney scene isn’t for me you dumbass it’s for anyone who wants to go and play

We need to bring more bake to the scene.

Stop thinking so much of yourself, the world doesnt revolve around you. Dood, there would be almost NO fucking people showing up for the tournament. less than 10 FOR sure for 3s, and THAT IS NOT WORTH IT.

T5 would be the same as EVERY Friday at JZees, so nobody wants that.

CvS2 would be NOBODY.

Marvel would be NOBODY.

If you and Jay and Koost came, you would bring the UBC people, and if the Seattle people came as well, it would be a tourny worth doing.

Victoria people would need to come for T5, or else there would be no point in that, because we pretty much have the rankings in Vancouver figured out already, and there’s no real debate. It wouldnt be fun playing the same people we ALWAYS play, day after day.

So yeah. Those are my reasons.

scenes dead jackass.

i dont even know if evos a go ahdead this yr… let alone a dungen tourny.

We need to bring in someone that can ban Drew Dub’s SRK account.

My opinion on the matter.

This is my portland area take… hate it or love it but i bet youll take it!!!

         Me and mendoza recently talked about doing something real big here for a portland tourney. we talking about doing more then the usual. Not just the usual 2 game stuff we are usually limited 2. But i run into a couple problems that im going 2 present and you can comment accordingly as you see fit, just don't get ignorent with it like Canadian pissing contest in the earlier statements.

        1. The organaztion: If im gonna run this thing and do it as big i see it. im gonna need some help. There is no fucking way im gonna run a multi game tourney by myself. Mendoza said he would be down 2 help but im gonna need more then just him. im gonna need people i can trust to hold shit down if problems were to arise!!!!!!!!!

        2. The Intrest: I need to know whats good with people in the area. what would be the best day/time to make this happen. so we can get as much people as possible for this joint. I can even get prizes and stuff to go along with the tourney but i need to know whats good with the people. Im gonna only put as much effort into a tourney that the people/players inspire me 2 do. There is no way im gonna put major effort into a less then 20 man tourney. you got me twisted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       3. The players themselves: The major issue that was on mendoza's mind that everybody seems to have a problem with is people showing up on time for these damn tourneys. tournaments schedualed for 2:00 not starting untill 3:30 or 4:00 is just plain dumb. and its been that way because of past directors not wanting to be the guy that tells someone NO, show your ass up on time next time. But with me and mendoza " if don't know mendoza, he is the manager of the tilt " we could give a fuck if you like us or you don't. I live the farthest out of everybody that plays in portland and i still show up on time. I will turn people away after the time i set, and theres not gonna be shit thats gonna be done about it..... bet it. and for all those cats that keep putting there tokens in before or inbetween games........ see if i don't reset that shit...... test it and try.

       4. the arcade: i have heard alll the complaints about the sticks/ button problems with tilt and while the maybe few, it seems to get worse at tourney time. So what i suggest is that people play the day before and let me know whats wrong before the tourney starts...... then me and other qualifyed techs can fix whatever problems yall got before then. I know everyone has got there perfrence on how they want the sticks " buttons should just work " and ill do my best to accomodate everyone...

            Thats all i got for know, but please, if you do comment on this, please, know what the fuck you are talking about. otherwise don't waste my time or this space!!!