The Northwest SF:HD Remix Matchups thread

This game just got released on PSN, and I think it’s time for a new thread.

Whether you play on XBL or PSN, find the Greatest NW SF:HD Remix players here!

I’ll start by posting this video:


I look forward to playing everyone more often =)

I’ve been playing it since the moment it came out, and it’s pretty damn fun

I was 15-0 in ranked matches, and then a fucking E.HONDA came and beat me :(((((

also, I saw both you and SamY in the top 8 of the leaderboards lol

add me mofos


The games pretty good will be looking for some good comp!

I’ve played a little. Anyone have random connection issues where you can’t connect to certain players? I have only had that happen when I tried to play Ray… weird.

It’s really fun though. Add me if you want to play. PSN ID: ajs_PSN

I am accepting friend requests on XBL.

Tha Deezo is my “GAMERTAG”

I got it for PS3 today and will get it for the 360.


I’ll get on as soon as it finishes downloading.

Lets gooooo!

Add me yo!

waiting on 360 since I don’t have a PS3


I’ll be on soon as it drops, feel free to add me.

I’m a long time SouthCenter/Lanwerx player from back in the day.

-also Props to the our local software engineer! :wink:

I am going to kick your ass next time, lol, you were hella on point. For the most part, the connection between me, you, and axel was great. We are definitely doing that again!

Yes, thumbs up to Eric Foley aka Stiltman!

Wow it’s pretty fun. Need moar arcade stick though :frowning:

My thoughts exactly. I’m sure it’s a long shot, but are there any stores that sell a decent 360 stick? Xbox pad is no good. :sad:


Add me! I think I have a new addiction…

You should have fed that addiction at my place last night. What happened to you? We were afraid that you were dead in a ditch somewhere.

I had to hit up the grocery store for tomorrows meal. Got home around 730.

Thought I posted that I couldn’t show…but anyway I really want to hit up a casual in the near future. I need verbal feedback on what I need to do to improve my game.

Can’t make it for the Thanksgiving Day Massacre but I will do my best to show at the next session.

I was totally taken aback by how this game looks in HD. Wow.

Just picked this up. I am on PSN, looking for some people to play. Somebody teach me some good stuff on this game. Add me, gamertag is WanderingHobo.

This is Jackson BTW if anybody still remembers me.