The Northwest "Spring of Fighters '09" (calendar)


It’s Spring Break! Check out the fighting game events happening in your area:


*3/20 (Friday) *
Preppy’s Poker Nights. Seattle, WA.
Notes: All Night. First and Third Friday of almost every month. One of the best gaming events to ever happen in the Northwest (dare we say the US of A). Fighting games and poker galore. All Northwest players owe it to themselves to make it out to this once in awhile.

3/21 (Saturday)
Shoryuken Northwest Online Tournaments by Kendrick. Online.
Notes: 1pm (sign-ups close at Noon). Online Tournament. Better hurry, it’s tomorrow!

*3/25 (Wednesday) *
Ground Kontrol Free Play Wednesdays. Portland, OR.
Notes: 5pm-2am. Gameplay is free. 21+ but lots of great gaming, awesome retro arcade bar (literally), amazing Pinball room too. $5 cover charge(?).

*3/26 (Thursday) *
Fight Night @ Versis. Gresham, OR.
Notes: All Night starting at 6pm. Lots of great HD gaming in a nice environment, 6pm until whoever closes the store that night. Fighting games all night for only $6.

*3/28 (Saturday) *
Gamecluck’s SF4 Tournament. Lynnwood, WA
Notes: 11am. Washington’s Street Fighter 4 tournament of the moment.

Tilt Tournament (SF4). Portland, OR.
Notes: 1pm. Oregon’s (and Vancouver, WA’s) Street Fighter 4 tournament of the moment. Held at the home of Portland’s united fighting game front of old and new.

About the Calendar
Hey all, there is a lot going on for fighting games in the Northwest this Spring so I wanted to put up an easy hub for the activity and give it the corniest name possible.

I am certain I missed a lot of information, links, and dates. So please feel free to reply to the thread and remind me of what events or links I haven’t put up, what corrections should be made to this calendar, and I’ll try to make the update as soon as I can. It’s a good time to get everyone together unless they’re on some Spring Break vacation or something.

Also, since it’s a good time to prepare for getting together, I can also put a listing of mini-communities on this post if people like. Please pass me organization names and links.

**Northwest Mini-Communities


Good work. here is a link to the random select club page, we have forums. Where I post secrets. haha.


On 5/30 is a Random Select Tournament that I’ve been meaning to get advertising…


Ground Kontrol Free Play Wednesdays (Last Wednesday each month) runs from 5pm to 2am. 21+.