The Not-So-Bionic-Comrades: MvC3 Biocom Assist and team thread



So, I’m just gonna throw my team out there.

I’m currently using Hagger, Spencer, and Arthur as all three characters are strong individually, and have assists that help each other tremendously.

Spencer actually receives the least utility of other assists here, but still good for him.
Arthur Assist: Fire Bottle
Allows an easy grab when it connects, and provides great cover while you zipline in for a combo, ESPECIALLY with golden arthur, as the bottle travels almost the entire screen when fully zoomed out.
Hagger assist: Double Lariat
Not only does this attack set up combos easily, even from OTG if you choose, but gaurentees a Bionic Lancer or Maneuvers if your timing is good enough.


I am using Spencer - Dormammu - Wesker. Spencer to do some damage and die the first, Dormammu mainly as an assist/DHC, Wesker as otg assist and last resort (on lvl 3 xfc he fucking rocks).

After many games I’ve found Spencer is the weakest of the team, but he is anyhow necessary. His zips allow me to annoy the enemy and play with Dorm’s Dark Void, and if an opportunity opens and I’ve got two bars, they can say goodbye their character. Just finish any combo with a Bionic Lancer, DHC into Dorm’s tracking fireball and spam Purification (energy columns) until they die of chip. Most of players get mindfucked and eat the columns.

Wesker’s OTG is great if you already otg’d with a hook, and Bionic Lancer is a good, easy option after it. I feel my Bionic Lancer into Tracking Fireball is so vital to my gameplay (its an almost guaranteed kill) I can’t change Spencer or Dorm. Wesker wins games by himself, I think it’s one of the scarier characters under lvl 3 xfc. Many games I’ve beaten the whole enemy team with that, after shamefully losing my Spencer and Dorm in a breath.

Dorm shouldn’t be underrated, he can’t do anything against good rushdowns but his combos are damaging. His 3 hypers are beast, each for a reason, I can’t remember how many times I’ve done his lvl 3 (under xfc is wicked) between Dante’s hyper gunshots, or just in reaction to any random projectile. Most epic KO ever.


Most of the time I use Wolvie’s berserker slash to zip line in or capt. A sheild slash thats not too bad either.


My team is Spencer(lancer) Superskrull (either stone smite or tenderizer) and Trish (Peekaboo). Not the best team for synergy but am having a blast with this team. Mainly because I like the characters I chose.

Spencer just does some great damage on his BNB combos. Most of the time in corner After BNB combo I us Trish’s peekaboo. It’s a great trap as most of the time it players jump up and get stunned . follow it with his medium wire grapple and either more Bnb combos or L,M,H or team hyper combo (their pretty much down after THC).

Trish is a great keep away character and can do some nice set-ups from her round harverst hyper.

Super skrull is just so darn fun to play. I can’t seem to find a good assist yet. Smite just can use some juggle opportunities but tenderizer can be used for combo enders and not useful to get Spencer inside.


Spencer - Armor Pierce
Deadpool - Quick Work
Sentinel - Drones

Pretty much keep the drones pumping to cover the ground and zip in with Spencer. Even when the opponent is blocking, magic series + drones -> zip defeats some push blocking. Drones also help with some tkGrapple OTG combos.

Spencer is taken out i’ll start playing lame with sentinel and deadpool. Maybe call drones and teleport close or just spam guns and grenades. Or sometimes i’ll Aerial exchange or DHC to Sentinel and just try and dominate the opponent. Fly -> j.H and Deadpools quickwork low assist is pretty much guaranteed rape on incoming characters after a snap or death.


Right now I’m running Spencer/Wesker/Iron Man. Spencer with tilted grapple assist to help Wesker do otg combos and minor zoning, Wesker with pistol for otg combos and unblockable setups (With Spencer’s long range overhead magic), Iron Man with beam to apply pressure and get in dat ayusss with zips.

Corner combo into Bionic Maneuvers DHC Maximum Wesker is almost an instant kill. I love it.



Hop around with spencer, try to get the occasional grab in and do horizontal zig crossups with sentinel drones.
Build meter. Annoy opponent.

When there is an opportunity kill them with x-23 hyper/kfc loops.


Spencer(Armor Piercer)
Arthur(Fire bottle toss)
Dr. Doom(Molecular shield)

Trying to use this team here. Doing so so but maybe its cause I don’t really understand the Vs. series. Spencer is my point character, Arthur is for OTGs and the lovely fire bottle assist, and Dr. Doom is for helping Spencer get in. Also Doom’s rocks put more projectiles on the screen to help Arthur’s projectile walls. I think I’m doing something wrong though since I can’t really make any great approaches with Spencer :(.


call doom out with molecular shield then jump latch forward across screen with spencer’s hook for cross up confusion.


Iron Man (Uni-Beam)
Spencer (Piercer)
Sentinel (Drones)

Although I’m not too sure about Iron Man in this team. He’s a good partner for Spencer, but I’ve already got Sentinel, his drones serve the same purpose as IM’s beam does. I might switch to Spencer/Morrigan/Sentinel for either her anti-air since I’m really bad defensively or her meter build assist. I dunno yet.


Spencer (AA wire grapple)/Trish (hopscotch)/Felicia(roll into low)

Spencer acts as a battery. Use wire zip and felicia’s assist to setup unblockables if possible. Use hopscotch assist to extend some air combos or juggles. Stick to spencer as long as I can to build that meter and just do the damage. Once trish is out the goal is to get a hard knockdown into a harvester DHC into felicia’s hopping second character hyper to set up some shenanigans. Also, there’s the possibility (if i can get the execution down) of felicia’s 1.3 million double lvl 3 combo.


Spencer(AP)/Haggar(lariat)/Sentinel(Drones or OTG).

Haggars lariat assist is just so great at getting the enemy off you, since spencer ain’t the fastest fella in the game, also the assist combos fairly easy to armor piercer to Bionic maneuvers.

Sentinel is there because he is Sentinel and just so damn good. Maybe once my game and my skills level up I might change either sent to some rushdownish character like akuma/wesker/wolverine.


Spencer (Armor Piercer)/Doom (Hidden Missiles)/Haggar (Lariat)

Use Hidden Missiles to aid on Spencer’s mix-up game. I usually zip line to the other end of the screen so Doom won’t get punished. When my opponent blocks low waiting on the missiles I use Spencer’s overhead and begin my combo from there. Block high I attack low and if they’re near the corner I’ll go for the command grab. Bionic Arm DHC’s into Doom’s anti-air hyper (forget what’s it called) really well. I full as much meter as I can with Spencer before calling in Doom.

Haggar acts as my team’s anchor and only use his assist when I really need it. Otherwise, I stick with Spencer/Doom.


Hey thanks man :). I’ll definitely try that out.


Cross-posted from regular forums:

Hey guys, so I think I’ve found a pretty dynamite team for Spencer. Right now, I’m rolling Spencer (Armor Piercer)/Hulk (Gamma Wave)/Taskmaster (Parabolic Arrow/Vertical Arrow). Generally speaking, the team all has a lot of health, does a lot of damage, builds a lot of meter, and is really fun (all 3 characters are enjoyable and creative to play, rather than just blind rushdown).

In specific, the team seems to have wonderful synergy, as I’ll detail below:

Spencer: He can make great use of both assists. Call Gamma Wave and zip line in ground-to-ground or air-to-ground and it totally covers you (also beats out 90% of the projectiles in the game and tends to force the opponent back into the corner). Call an Arrow Shot (whichever, both are good) to zip in ground-to-air or air-to-air and you’re also covered. You can also use the confusion here to go for a command grab instead of a regular combo, since both projectiles last a long time. Even better, Bionic Lancer can lead to HUGE damage, since you can actually DHC it (at the moment of impact) into a full hit from Hulk’s Gamma Crush. What this means is that if your opponent makes one, tiny mistake, he may lose a character to a very simple BnB, or even just a raw hyper, and it works almost full-screen. Bionic Maneuvers DHCs to Gamma Crush as well, but it’s usually harder to hit than Lancer. Either of Spencer’s hypers are easy DHCs into any of Taskmaster’s arrow hypers, too.

Hulk: Obviously, Hulk’s rockin’ this game so far. Now he uses the assists for different things. Arrow Shots are good coverage for him to get in (best way I’ve found is forward dash canceled into normal forward jump, which goes almost full screen, very fast, low to the ground), and Armor Piercer is just a good delayed mix-up because Hulk is so big that they often won’t see you call Spencer, so as they try to punish one of your slow normals, they get whacked across the screen, which is an easy hit-confirm to Gamma Tsunami or even a dash-jump into combo if your execution is good. Funnily enough, between arrows and Gamma Wave, Hulk can actually win some projectile wars, too. His DHC potential is pretty good, too. Mid-screen, he can hit Gamma Tsunami into either of Spencer’s hypers or Taskmaster’s horizontal one. Gamma Crush works, too, but the timing is tight. And in the corner, he can hit Gamma Crush into vertical arrows for huge damage.

Taskmaster: Taskmaster is great all by himself, but both assists still help him. Gamma Wave is great for projectile wars, and also for covering him as he swings/charges in, and Armor Piercer is good to throw in combos, because his combos are so long that you often get a lucky wall bounce which is an easy hit-confirm to anything. And since his swings/charges are normals, you can actually time assist calls into the middle of your combos without interrupting them (takes practice). His arrow hypers are so versatile that DHCs are easy. Horizontal shots DHC to Gamma Tsunami or Spencer (either), Vertical up shots are good for Gamma Crush, but require timing for Spencer. Vertical down shots work with Gamma Tsunami which goes into Spencer, but have trouble going directly into Spencer. And the diagonal shots (up or down) are pretty easy into anyone’s horizontal hypers, you just have to time it right.

Anyway, I’ve just been experimenting with this team, but it seems to synergize tremendously well, as all 3 are strong characters who have slight holes in their offense that are covered by one another. Your opponent has to be REALLY on their toes, too, or they can eat easy, huge damage in the blink of an eye. Plus, it’s just fun to play. Would love to see some folks try this stuff out and see what else they can find. I’m sure I haven’t figured it all out, yet.


Guys after Spencer Assist wire grapple pulls u down either one, does an OTG move work?
My main plan is use X-23 point an let them come to me with spencer’s assist, then have my third
character provide support for Spencer like Iron Man…

So can someone try that out if it does then that would be great, if it doesn’t then the assist is useless…


Spencer (armor piercer)/Skrull (orbital grudge)/Doom (molecular shield)

Doom’s rocks help out Spencer a ton, still trying to figure out the best skrull assist.


the horizontal one causes a hard knockdown, so yeah it can. but you gotta be quick about it IMO.
the Slant-shot version doesnt knockdown, it reels them in standing.


Ok thx, thats good…
Im using him as an approach for X-23, for beam spammers i will just jump/sj an use her dash move an call uni beam, same with Spencer but he have move versatility with approaching but i wanna see how his assist works out…

Edit: I pretty much want Spencer on point but his horizontal grapple assist is going to work to well for Super Skrull, i’m taking out X-23 for Skrull… Skrull’s air :d::h: into his BnB’s, will be fast enough.
Looking for someone to back them up now, was think Iron-Man/Arthur, who do u guys think will make a better last character to finish the job plus back up Spencer and Skrull?


Ok so I’m trying to settle on a team to prepare for the Atlanta tournie. Easily my two best characters atm are wolvie/spencer, I am kind of lacking a good third character. I tried really hard to run doom as third with either missles or mol/shield, the assist is great for ziplining and dhc’s, but I find doom sucks ass as an achor, his xfactor mode kinda blows compared to other chars and his chip damage is bad against players u jump block.

So currently I’ve gone back to akuma who i use to run with wolvie/doom. I like him as anchor much more can easily chip in xfactor and in lvl 3 xfactor is fast enough to do some nice solo mix ups. My question for you guys, which assist should i run with akuma, fireball/overhead/tatsu. Wolvie is suppose to work with tatsu really well, but I can’t seem to get spencer to synch with it. The move generally comes to fast to mix up using zip line, and alot of its connections knock them to far away to launch with spencer.

I’m currently working on the fireball to do cross ups, but the fireball is so weak compared to other projectiles and takes akuma a bit to strat the animation so this assist gets stuffed alot. The one I haven’t tried is the overhead, which seems like it gives opportunities for unblockables with c.l or c.h. The problem then is wouldn’t i lose any kind of cross up with the assist, also I don’t know who i would get past ranged zoning with no projectile assist or fireball eating tatsu.

If anyone has any experience with akuma/spencer let me know. I know A_rival uses those two togeather but he just spams haggar assist all game.