The NSJ Anthologies. Part 4. Return of the King, Hang's revenge!

The NSJ Anthologies. Part 4. Return of the King, Hang’s revenge! Mike’s reckoning

k, new thread folks. lemme kick off the first post with some interesting nsj facts.

  • Magnus lies every 20 seconds. He lies for his own personal entertainment
  • Croe will die if he doesn’t move for more than a minute
  • The oldest members of nsj who have always been in the team, and have always been active since day 1, are me and force
  • Selfscience and Hungbee are the newest members
  • Taiji is the most evil man in the planet
  • Hang is not really an asshole, he’s just misunderstood
  • Besides nsj: other names that i wanted the team to be called were; Team Finkl, Team WeCo, Team poopoo, team josh’s house
  • Selfscience has two personalities
  • you will turn into stone if u stare at tranceboii
  • Ace’s old mvc2 team was Mag/Cab/Psy, mikes old team was Cab/Sent/Cap, croe’s old team was Spiral/Cab/Sent, my old team was team watts, and Hang’s new team is Storm/Sent/AAA
  • Ham is the truth
  • Me and Force both agreed in the past that Darren Hayes was indeed a gangsta
  • Ace introduced Baby Vox to me
  • Croe used to always wear clothes with holes on them. But now he wears dunks
  • OCK kicks it with us but dont do or say anything
  • Mike always spills something liquid on his shirt
  • Mike eats like a 3 year old
  • Jinudave is the loudest but yet lovable man in the planet
  • DirkxDiggler3x is actually faking it
  • Everyone in nsj wears glasses except for me, force, and papa. Everyone else are four eyed nerds.
  • Xing always wears a white shirt. Just a shirt. Nothing else. Whether it be summer or winter. Just a shirt. His pants are actually an extension of his shirt
  • Mike is the only black man i know who dunno how to play ball
  • Me, Croe, Mike, Papa, and Zanza all went to the same high school
  • Me, Ace, Hang, Alex, Jinudave, Keith Sir Bryan and Hung, all go to the same school now
  • Mike, Croe, Zanza, Dirk, Magnus, and Ace all go to the same school now
  • Zanza created the ultimate kick
  • Dank is still the all american hero
  • I’ve known xing since, 5th grade
  • Hungbee never gets mad
  • Heath owns in the control pad
  • Papa invented the Strider/Doom
  • Hang used to suck in marvel. Until he watched the B5 dvd
  • Tranceboii’s hands down, drives the craziest out of everyone in nsj
  • I’ve made 36 avatars for everyone in nsj. the most is ace, with 8 avatars.
  • I’ve had 31 different avatars
  • Back then nsj used to make fun of everyone behind their backs. But now we are cool with them.
  • Magnus is always winking. Both of his eyes
  • Mike sucks at math and he likes xbox
  • croe was the one who invited hang into nsj
  • ace invented the napkin attack, ultimate napkin attack, and chudder
  • i thought up of the name nsj, croe liked it, and force approved of it

ok thats all i can think of. post away everyone.


umm more facts cuz i thought of more and im bored:

  • theres only been one nsj awards. its been more than a year since the last one. is the next one due?
  • Me, force, Zanza, Hung, Hang and Dirk all drive hondas
  • 4 original nsj members were me, force, croe and dirk
  • 2nd generation nsj members are taiji, papa, dank, and hang
  • me and force almost got suspended for the last 3 days of our junior year in high school
  • selfscience will beat the shit out of you if yur gay and u hit on him
  • a guy has hit on mike before but he didnt beat the living shit out of him
  • hang cant pronounce the letter “v”
  • hung is nsj’s best cvs2 and third strike player
  • its been hinted that me, selfscience and force are secretly in the “no 18 plus, plz” club
  • Dr. Doom thinks when he fights and his real name is Cornelius
  • Dj B actually did canoe his way back to hawaii
  • Last Nsj thread lasted for 11 months. The longest ever. With 2793 posts and 51813 views. Ace had the highest posts with 383 Mike with 234 and magnus with 214

YAY! I got the second post!



Mike plays the flute for the MTSAC school band. I guess you have to start somewhere after failing math all 3yrs. in college…

I git the 3rd :)!

cheeka cheeka beeeeerrrrrrreeeeep
[record noise scratching]

let me set the records straight, i dont play the flute, and im not in the school band.

Im dope in fucking math, and low and behold, neutral has a gay math teacher.

easy A for me :cool: .

who is going to ucla this weekend…I call shot gun in hung’s car…

WTF!!!:mad: :mad: :mad:

Sorry to say Mr Hang, that I will not be going this weekend cause i have to help my Parents move to their new house. But the good news is that when you guys come over to my house and play games next time it will be good.:D. To make a few corrections, I am not the best in CvS2 and 3S in team NSJ, I am a scrub who whores top tiers.:smiley: :smiley: . Hang will now have to whore this thread cause this IS is revenge!!

Whore WHore WHore my canoe, all the way to Japan :)!

hahah dope post josh

and yes

ham is the truth…

my first team : mag/cable/psy, then MSP, It’s now time for MS/Ruby! ggpo

i’m down to go ucla this sat!

then it settles, shot gun in ace’s van.

Can I come along to :)!!!
Then u can show me that store chosemen :).

Waddup NSJ…

Mike…that little movie clip that is on your buddly info is funny as hell. Everyone at my work was circling around my desk to watch it, lol

funny info, kept me busy at work…

hang can’t pronounce V’s because it’s nonexistant in chinese… ‘wery’ interesting

me and self lost ggxx at evo cuz we’re sandbaggin for next year

and i’m one day older than mike ross, ggpo

it’s all true :lol:

dope post josh. “no 18 plus plz”…yup thats the way we livin.

damn i have to buy that hillary duff cd. it comes out today i think.

yup. kats better watch out… lol

The NSJ Anthologies. Part 4. Return of the King, Hang’s revenge! Mike’s reckoning

:lol: :lol: omg:lol: :lol:



u guys are so dope, even ID.

deuce owns me for free, i cant counter him in any way.

LMAO!! nice post josh…

the TRUTH has been told :lol:

You guys forgot to mention that Mike is the best masher ever!

Fuken Selfcience show me how to play with Anji =D.

hey, so who’s down to go ucla this sat? return of combofiend!

who’s gonna go camelot tomorrow???