The Nujabes Thread

I know there are a lot of cats who dig Nujabes and I’ve posted a few threads here when he released albums here and there, but I think that it’d be nice to compile all the Nujabes and Nujabes related stuff.

For those who are new to Nujabes, he is well known for his work on the Samurai Champloo anime series. If you ever watched that show and was all like, “Damn, those are some hot ass beats,” then you are probably talking about Nujabes.

For further non-official reference, here is the wiki on the dude:

So far, I know at least three albums:
Hydeout Productions
Metaophorical Music
Modal Soul
Hydeout Productions 2nd collection

Apparently, he released a new album I wasn’t aware about until I read that wiki, called Modal Soul Classics.

Also, if you look for all the Samurai Champloo albums, you’ll find a lot of Nujabes gold.

Some are done by Fat Jon and Forces of Nature, but they are just as good.

Anyway, I was itching for some new Nujabes stuff, and remembered a drum track he had on one of the Sam Champ albums. I youtubed it and found these two dudes who do a nujabes Piano/Drum set. It’s fucking great.

Those dudes hyped me to hear some shit from them and Nujabes.

Here are the old threads:

Post away!

Ristorante Mixtape, get it :tup:

While I like Nujabes a lot, couldn’t you have just bumped the other Nujabes threads you created in the last couple months and updated the 1st post?

I like how artists get much love here…then srk turns around and says they hate them a few months later. I still remember when Linkin Park was considered “Da hot fiyah” here…then srk turned on 'em like a pit bull with his nuts in a vice grip.

Well Nujabes is Japanese, so no danger of that happening again here :tup:

Watch the video I posted, yo. It’s boss.

How about I link them here? I hope that’s ample since they both have good reference posts. Check OP.

That Ristorante thread has many good posts, if you link that thread and others that would be great.

Yes Platinum, you must find that Ristorante Mixtape as Luciano mentioned, absolutely remarkable. I was meaning to pick up Modal Soul Classics soon here, how is it? There is no possible way it can be bad though.

For the groups he is sometimes associated with (for example Pase Rock, CYNE, etc), usually unknowing to the public, he actually produces some of their beats, but there is no way to confirm which ones…I imagine there must be some people out there that know which tracks he is responsible for.

If anyone has some other recommendations that are somewhat similar to Nujabes I bet many people would appreciate that. I will just throw out one that comes to mind, Nomak.

Best music producer of all time. Everyone must buy any and all of his albums.

i have every nujabes and nomak album/mixtape released. too lazy to post em all. both are extremely sick producers.

How many are there?

nomak: 2 albums (calm, re-calm), 1 bonus disc (combine), 3 mixtapes (eternal view, fantastical view, wonderin’ view)

nujabes: 2 albums (metaphorical music, modal soul), 3 compilation albums (hydeout first collection, hydeout 2nd collection, modal soul classics), 3 mixtapes (ristorante, sweet sticky thing, hydeout sound lab)

and then theres a few singles not on any of those albums.

I got American version of Modal Soul couple of months ago… but a lot of tracks on it got watered down out for whatever reason. Most notably, many of them are missing lyrics. Copyrights issues, perhaps?


Ristorante Mixtape and Metaphorical Music are on constant repeat in my player, they’re practically spot welded into tray 1 and 4.

Where in the HELL can I find this remix?!

:wonder: I don’t have this one. It must be new or fan-made.

im not sure if that remix is done by nujabes himself, but its very sick! thanks for the link. let me know if you find an mp3.

Does the term “weeaboo” mean anything to you?

In any case, I love Nujabes’ beats so very much. Whosoever puts up links to download the shit would earn my undying respect.

What the fuck does that “word” mean? Wee ah boo? What does that sound have to do with somebody wishing they were japanese? “Faux Cho” would be a better term.

Substantial’s first album was also produced by nujabes

ripped it off youtube so its still gonna sound lower quality