The number of frames to perform input of a special cancel?


Hi SRK members,

I had a question which has been bugging me for awhile. I tried to find the answer without creating a thread but the newbie guides for frame data and google search results don`t quite explain what I want to know. Please close this thread if this has been answered already or belongs to the SFIV forum.

When it comes to cancelling normal moves into specials, how many frames do I have to work with to input the special move during the animation of the normal?

Ryu`s c.MK -> Hadoken

Startup (5 frames) | Active (5 frames) | Recovery (12 Frames) | Total (21 Frames)

Hadoken 13 Frame Startup

So based on this data how many frames do I have to input the motion for Hadoken after performing the c.MK? Do I have to input the special during the Startup+ Active giving me 10 frames to work with? Or can it be cancelled during the recovery meaning I have 21 frames to perform the normal cancel? I hope my question is clear! (if not let me know)

Note: I don`t really have issues doing cancels because of input buffering, but this is more about understanding the system.


Good question. Dont know. Some seem more than others.


Startup (4 frames, 5 frames means the fifth frame is the first active frame) + active frames (5 frames) + hit stop (I think it’s 11 frames but I’m not entirely sure), so 20 frames in total.