The number of variants per issue is getting out of hand


goddamit! Udon is really milking us for all we’re worth! I’m getting a bit tired of all the variant covers… normal covers, Virgin Power Holofoil, Virgin Power… Gold Foil, Red Foil… through Jay Company, Dynamic Forces… ENOUGH ALREADY!!! 3 variants is MORE THAN ENOUGH! Ugh… it’s gonna be a biatch getting all of these signed at the next Udon signing… I know you guys have a hot property… but you guys should really limit this whole variant thing… damn near 30 “different” comics and you guys haven’t even reached issue #6 yet… it’s getting fscking ridiculous!!! signing off… William “The Udon superfan” (as dubbed by Alvin Lee) ~~>=(


We do hear you - so issue 5 will have only the 3. No Jay Company, no virgin power. Just Cover A by Alvin & Arnold, Cover B by Hyung Tae Kim, and Cover C (2 layer Power Cel) by SHINKIRO!


Whoa! Hey Erik! I didn’t think you’d respond to my post so fast! That must’ve been a record or something!? 4 mins?

Fans of Udon and Street Fighter go to great lengths to buy your high quality comics, get them signed, get SKETCHES (hint, hint, haha), not only for their nostalagia/aesthetic value, but their collectability as well… i know you guys don’t deal in the aftermarket and such, but having to shell out ridiculous amounts of money on eBay and such really does alienate us (well, that’s how I feel anyway)… I’d love to buy ALL your comics… but enough is enough ya know?




From day one, I DO NOT WANT these stuff to go nuts on EBAY. It does not benifit UDON, nor the readers. That is why I have been asking everyone to go and tell their store to pre-order the stuff. EBAY is a big game of supply and demand. I cannot tell if the high price on EBAY is a good thing or not on the SF stuff. It could mean that our stuff is hot, but it could also mean that the retailers are not willing to stock up and you guys cannot get what you want, thus has to result in bidding wars on EBAY!

All in all, we wanted to make things more accessible. That is why we printed more issue 3s and up and we do not need to go 2nd printing. Everything from issue 1 & 2 2nd printing to 3, 4 & 5 and so on are stioll available for order through Diamond Comic Distributor. So anyone who wanted these issues should tell their store straight out that they want them and tell them to order them. No excuse for store owners to say no!

From day one, my idea is to do 2 covers - one UDON artist, and one by the guest who did the back up story. That make sense. We wanted to do an incentive and asked the beautiful Jo Chen (well, she is beautiful, as well as her drawings!) to do the Chun Li as a one time thing. It turned out SO STUNNING that we want more… and I believe that all fans of her and SF will not disagree on that! So there we go. 3 covers. That’s how it begins.

We did the different variants for a few specialty retailers like Dynamic Forces and Jay Company as some “thank you” deal for their support when we start. And I think it is about time to slow these down…


I’m glad you’re cuting down on the variants, i’ve been collecting the power foil covers, but I’ve found it shocking at the lengths people will go to to get every variant, I know a guy who hunts down every variant, he would pay as much as 30 for the #0 variants, I thought I was bad when I missed #1 & had to get it off eBay for 20.

I’m not complaining, i just think its fairer on the fans that you cut down on the variants. One thing that bothers me though, why do you make new variants due to selling out, rather than just re-publishing the original 3 variants?
I don’t know much on the comic business i’m afraid…


I think the reason for a different cover is because Udon wishes to make it explicit that it is a second printing to preserve the collectibility/value of the first printing.


heck all i wanted to do was get the cool chun li cover for #1 that i missed buying at the shops (late to the game) - i got a foil that was scratched off ebay, returned it, got a virgin power one, realized it was non-foil argh lol. oh well forget it i’m happy with my non-foil now, but a holo would have been nice! keep those variants coming!


I won an auction for what I presumed was the power foil variant #1, I hadn’t realised it was out until I bought the last local (Well for these, 20 miles is local here:D) power foil #2, turned out to be a virgin power cover, then I managed to win an auction for the power foil variant #1, it came faulty, some pages had been put in twice & others were missing (It had been unopened so the seller didn’t know), so then I had to track down another copy from eBay, but the only one was from America, now a month later, my payment has only just reached him so i’m awaiting it’s arrival.

Think we both got it bad:D


i feel your pain, man. all i know is i’m going to be all over this #5 shinkiro cover. Must have shiny chun li cover!


cover 5


#6 special cover is going to rape them all… Akuma… payce




blows everything away…