The Nursing Home: Gen Training Sessions

I think it would be a good idea to get some training sessions on XBL & PSN

Maybe we can set up a date and time that’s agreed upon by majority vote.

If anyone wants to take charge of the PSN side of this please let me know.

My XBL GT is BXCR so feel free to add me up or just post your GT or PSN and I’ll send out requests myself.

This is a work in progress so bear with me

Isnt there a player directory thread already?

Yeah? That’s a directory, this is a training session thread.

Sooooooo, you wanna set up the PSN sessions?

No, I do not.

that was the point of the directory, this is basically a double post.!

If you really want to get technical, that thread is old and its time for a new one.

Warlike if you don’t want to participate you can “retire” from this thread, kthanksbai.

This isn’t the phone book where one comes out every year. The thread get’s updated, and people still check it. If anyone needs to change info, they will just post it and let everyone know.

If you want to get technical, just because the thread is old doesn’t mean it’s not being used or useless. People still post there. Why would we all have to post on another thread all over again? And the first post has almost everyone listed there.

For the Record, I will admit your Thread Title is an awesome one.

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I’m not going to keep going back and fourth with you on a forum, either you’re down with the cause or just simply don’t post in the thread that YOU don’t agree with.

I’m telling you your thread is pointless. And you posting the activity is pointless. It’s a old thread. Everyone has everyone. If someone wants to add someone they will, the thread is there. I have all the people I need on my list. I’m sure it’s the same for everyone else. So…why should we put our information AGAIN after it’s already been posted? I’ll post where I want, and I’ll tell you or anyone that your/their post is a double post, and a waste of forum space. Christ, the directory thread isn’t combos, or match-ups that need to be updated all the time.

Don’t be butthurt just because this thread practically already existed. I’ll post wherever the hell I feel like


LOL… Socially challenged kids on a forum. I give in you win, dickfaces like you two are the reason why this forum is a graveyard. So go cry to a mod to lock it since “its a double thread wah wah wah”

+rolls eyes+ socially challenged kids. I have more social skills than you probably will ever have. This Forum is a graveyard because some of the top gen players dropped him, and others followed. Stop taking stuff so personally, the only reason this went on so long is because you are too stubborn to realize your thread is pointless.

But since we are doing it over again. I’ll rub your tummy and tell you it will feel all better.

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now now children be nice :slight_smile:

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more rub for the tummy…

well i already add everone on the xbox so no rub, but i can add warlike even tho i dont have a ps3 stick or version of super lol.

I already added you ages ago, but you are indeed never online. Infact I added pretty much everyone from the Gen section.

yea i mostly use my ps3 for single player games and watching moves. i have one that backwards compatible but has no wifi so i only connect it when a buddie of mine gets on metal gear online witch is rare. thinking of buying a ps3 se stick and using my extra buttions and stick to mod.