The NW Everything that has to do with sticks thread!

Okay so I figured seeing talk of sticks being repaired, and talk of sticks in general scattered in various threads was getting old, and that we should have a thread that was dedicated to it. So…


I think my mas stick just needs new buttons. Actually I’m sure it does, it’s kinda unresponsive sometimes.

T5 is starting to annoy the shit out of me! i like me mas.

Order some new buttons from ponyboy.
ponyboy Sanwa & Happ parts- Rollie Electronics

Remember to get the special wrench at the bottom. Just a buck :stuck_out_tongue:

Fuck Mas sticks. You should all buy Horis. Gogo standardization!

Horis are those Japanese sticks right? Fuck that, I don’t live in Japan nigga. Get at me.


Fuck Hori’s!

I haTe them son of a bitches now.

Fuck hori’s x3. Fuck that bullshit square restrictor plate bullshit. I am so good I can play on a fucking joystick made for flight simulators, but that is besidez the point.

You knoq what, now that I am drunk, FUCK p306s. With their crunchy ass sticks. I would take those $8 dollar happ comp sticks over ANY stick any day of the week.

I was thinking about getting a hap stick for my mas…don’t know.

The P360s are nice when you’re not rought with them. Unfortunately, slamming them in whatever direction+downforce (which you get pretty often when leaning into the stick) grinds that shit.

And if you go Japanese, go sanwa. Buy an octagonal gate. If you’ve got tiny ass hands, go Seimitsu. Still buy the octangonal restrictor.

And when getting your MAS, Kenny: Get the P360 if you want training for competition play. Although I don’t like them all that much because of the unforgiving diagonals and lack of feel for where the stick is, they really are the most responsive sticks. I mainly prefer the japanese sticks for the feel.

I already have one with the p360, I love it.

I used P360s on my arcade machines and I love them. Can’t go back now…

I told you! Your fierce and short are broken.

Square gates FTW for 3d. For 2d, not so much.

In other news, I have a T5 Hori with a busted connecter (part that goes into the PS2) Anyone know how to fix it easy?

When I get the parts would anyone be able to mod my T5?

It works fine I just want some better buttons and stick…and artwork.

Square gates are he ONLY way to go.

American sticks is poo


I was thinking about modding my t5…

Well, let’s put it this way. There are several power tools involved, lots of patience, and a lot of shredded plastic all over the place.

I have two modded t5 sticks with all American Happ parts, because that’s how I roll. The guy who sold them to me said working on t5 sticks is serious business.

He must enjoy Dremeling.

how much would it cost.