The odd couple: Cincinnati? Fighting Games?

Morning all! I’ve been in the Nati a few years now. I’m originally from Detroit, MI (R.I.P. Wizzards, Wonderland Arcade, Bye Roscoes). I have yet to find any good matches here. Not to say there aren’t any, just haven’t come in contact with fighter lovers yet. SFIV tourney at gamestop was cool; aside from battling on Xbox’s busted technology. After that scene tho I yearn for more comp. Can anyone point me in the direction of the brawlers??? Thanx in advance.


There’s a Cincinnati + northern KY thread on this page, and they have a number of players. You can get some comp there.


nobody else had info, but you came through. thanx I’ll look into it.

cininnati thread… or the dayton thread… considering dayton/cincy were all one team/

Seek and you shall find…

We usually hook up at each others places. This Monday we are playing at my house. If you ae interested in coming, let me know and I will PM you my address.


Dayton usually makes a guest appearance in the Natti every 2 weeks or so :wasted: