The oddest/dumbest reason you skipped over something


Last year, I sold a whole bunch of old gaming stuff I hadn’t used in years. Sometime right before the trade-in, I played Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver on my old Dreamcast. I had played it years before, but stopped. I didn’t remember why when I finished it on the second playthrough, but right now, the reason just popped into my head.

I was scared of the Zephonim vampires. You know, the spider vampire lord’s “children”? They’re pale, have long legs/arms and just drop down from the sky. I was a kid when I first ran across LOK:SR, and that shit actually scared me into not playing the game any further. I only saw it as annoying on the second playthrough.

This thread is dedicated to everything that you guys have skipped over for equally stupid/weird reasons. Most times, you skip something because you don’t care about it to begin with. But sometimes, the reason is so paper-thin it seems stupid in hindsight after seeing what you missed out on.

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