The Offical EVO DVD Theme Song!

Hey guys whats up. Was suppose to preform this song at evo however time constriants didn’t allow.
I think it would be perfect for the DVD…

good shit. summed up evo pretty well.

Did you just spell theme wrong?

Edit: he fixed it ;]

Song is nice. i like the music.


It would be, but everyone is gonna hear it before its time =(.

This sounds pretty cool :tup:

that was pretty dope

nice nice nice :tup:

Nice beats, I enjoy listening to it.

crank dat evo song

song is fire

good shit.

when will the new track “always bet on black” be droppin?

I approve :tup:

Good stuff Law.

shit is tight son. I say put it in the dvd

Thats that SHIT!!!


Fucking fire. Gdlk.

Da Lawwww

Thanks to every one who took the time to listen and leave a reply.
Feel free to add me on myspace cause thats gonna be my regular page.

will we see a performance at evo? :stuck_out_tongue: good shit that song is crazy.

this NEEDS to be on the evo DVD


I’m diggin it! Added you.

Yo law that’s hot man! Didn’t know you had the skillz in ya, and that’s why EC IS GDLK! Love that beat!!