The Offical EVO DVD Theme Song!


Hey guys whats up. Was suppose to preform this song at evo however time constriants didn’t allow.
I think it would be perfect for the DVD…


good shit. summed up evo pretty well.


Did you just spell theme wrong?

Edit: he fixed it ;]

Song is nice. i like the music.



I like it a lot. This track + jchensor video magic = best evo dvd I can imagine


It would be, but everyone is gonna hear it before its time =(.


This sounds pretty cool :tup:


that was pretty dope


nice nice nice :tup:


Nice beats, I enjoy listening to it.


crank dat evo song

song is fire


good shit.

when will the new track “always bet on black” be droppin?


I approve :tup:

Good stuff Law.


shit is tight son. I say put it in the dvd


Thats that SHIT!!!



Fucking fire. Gdlk.


Da Lawwww


Thanks to every one who took the time to listen and leave a reply.
Feel free to add me on myspace cause thats gonna be my regular page.


will we see a performance at evo? :stuck_out_tongue: good shit that song is crazy.


this NEEDS to be on the evo DVD



I’m diggin it! Added you.