The Offical Rage Of The Dragons Thread


So what is the deal with this game, I recently downloaded it on 2DF and it seems to play like any typical high level game. I don’t know about any competitive scene ever developing so the game could be broken for all I know…but I figured there would be no harm in getting as much info as possible. So you know the drill, any character primers/vids or strat related info can be posted here.


ive never heard of this game and this is a bad thread


ill be waiting for your clay fighters/power rangers/other lol game thread :cool:


Believe me, this game is hardly in the same vein as those games…not even close lol.


i tried this game out only cuz im a fan of double dragon

it seemed okie
the combos seemed pretty cool
but couldnt really get into it since kno one played it

dun kno anythin bout its balance or brokeness

oh and its made by the same company that made power instinct matrimelee
which i didnt particularly enjoy at all


Oh shit this game? Did they ever release this on console? This game needs a training mode something fierce.

EDIT: Nvm guess I’d have to find an emulator.


Yeah from what I’ve researched this game got virtually no time on the competitive scene, I don’t even remember it being covered at all to be honest. The game seems based around the KOF engine…actually it’s practically identical to KOF games in a lot of ways. You guys should really look into downloading it, it seems like a quality tittle from I’ve played so far…although the lack of a training mode is gay for sure. I found this combo vid to showcase how the game’s engine works, normally I’m a lot more organized when trying to bring a game into public attention…but there doesn’t seem to be any reference material at all for this game [media=youtube]F4qgE6-BhsM[/media]


If you want to know why this game isn’t played competitively, just youtube “rage of the dragons combo” and watch any vid there. Honestly the game gets boring and repetitive real quick.


Offal Zero Divide Post

this is now the officeal zero divide post
i looked at it and it looked mad competitive almost like it was running on the galaxy fight engine
seriously you guys why aren’t you playing it, here’s a video [media=youtube]t7ZcORInHlY[/media] normally i’m more organized but this was the best i could do on such short notice. i got a lot of mexican ringers for this game on my ICQ list so itll be in BYOC room next evo bet it.

mortis out, not hyping a stupid game, just…


If ROTD would have released in, like, 1997, maybe it can be a classic, but it was too repetitive and unspiring for a 2002 game… not a bad game, just too generic.


Apparently EVO missed the thread here:

In any case, I agree with Titanium Beast, the game is good in short, casual bursts but it is seriously boring for competitive play.


I don’t see how Clay Fighter 63 1/3 and Power Rangers Fighting Edition are “lol games”


I didn’t see any problem with the game though, didn’t look borken and it seemed pretty compotent. Granted it may not be for everyone, but the point of the thread was to bring awarness for the few players who are interested…and quite obviously info seems pretty hard to find.


you’re trolling right?

in case you aren’t, Ivan Ooze.
and clay fighters is…clay fighters.


This doesn’t work with nfbA. WTF.


Its not so much broken or not competent. Its just the mechanics don’t lend itself to much diversity when you want to play at a high level. Its a fun game.

I’m not hating on it; I play Radel and Mr. Jones; Team “Funky Claymore”. :razzy:


Pretty much Alice rules the game with her easy ass infinite but besides all that it wasn’t a bad game. I use to play it back in the day on kaillera with a couple of peps. I mainly used Pepe and Alice but would try some of the other characters from time to time.


It works on 2DF so I’m pretty sure it does work on NFBA. My limited experience with this game mostly consists of me getting hit with free 15+ hit combos JUST for jumping at any random time. Are tag in attacks invincible in this game or something? I also didn’t like how it seemed to be a total bitch about shorthop inputs. Damn they were hard in that game.

I played Pepe and Lynn myself.


I don’t know why ROTD is getting all this hate. The game is straight business no doubt. I try to introduce this game to as much people as I can just because the game is that sick. I mainly play Billy/Annie & Pepe/Jimmy. I’ll admit the game is a tad broken, thanks in part to some infinites and some other crazy shit. But I still suggest at least giving it a go just to say you have played it before.


Used to have ROTD for mvs. Love this game. Jimmy/Oni is top tier for sho.


I have affection towards this game, seriously a "rebout"or "UM"would really come in handy right about now. Fix the infinies,flesh out the engine and I think we have ourselves a pretty good fighter.