The Office (US)

I couldn’t find the old thread when I searched… at least I think we had an old thread?

Anyway, did anyone catch the premiere? It was awesome. It wasn’t the best show, but there were a lot of “are they allowed to do/say that on television?” moments.

Michael calling people “faggy”… I’ve never heard that before.

“‘Gay’ used to mean ‘lame’ when I was growing up.”

Jim works with some hot girls in corporate, and the jello moment was gold.

And… the kiss… awkward and hilarious.

We have a trailer for it here in the UK… Was the pilot where he says “Now you must treat everyone like the race that’s on your forehead… Welcome to my convenience store…[/pakistan]”

It airs here on saturday…

us version BLOWS compared to the original. it’s still a funny show, but after watching the original, it’s hard for me to not think the us one is just a fake.
just have to take it in it’s own right i guess.
at least they didn’t like call it “co-workers” or some shit and try to pass it off as an original idea…

I think that one was from the 1st season, the 2nd episode: “Diversity Day”. That was a fantastic episode. If you’re just getting the first season, a lot of it is based exactly on the UK version. The second season is where it hits its stride.

I feel the same way…

Jim’s new co-worker going ballistic over the jello was hilarious.

The writing it smart with the little things. Pam sees a funny and naturally turns to look for Jim but it’s Ryan going “what are you doing?” Little things like that are what make this writing truly great.

shut up anglophiles. the us version is great :tup:

Well the Us version is great, so i guess the uk one should be pretty fucking funny if you guys says the us version sucks in comparison.

No they are just doing the “I saw this first, so I know it’s better and you don’t know anything because you are a poser” bullshit that is so prevalant on the intronet.

Dwight > Your world.

Gaydar, lol.

Shit, I have seen a couple of the last episodes of season two…

It was good shit, but I don’t get why people say that shit blows the US version out the water. It was more realistic, but the jokes with boss ‘David’ were painful to watch sometimes because they would run how unhip and pathetic was strainght into the ground. Shit I got up and walked out because I felt that ‘David’ should be put down. Micheal at least has a a stupid charm, the British guy just made me wish I could mercy kill that dumb shit.

The pervert guy, Tim I think, that was somewhat the basis for Dwight is the funniest thing on the show.

I don’t understand people who say the American version sucks so hard in comparison. The UK version is funny, and it was first, ok we get it. Now, can we move on and appreciate the US version?

For me, this is one of those rare shows that I can watch over and over, I watch past episodes randomly when I need a quick laugh. The Dundies? Oh god. Michael being the MC just kills me. It seems like every actor is just so on point with their character every episode, and thats what makes it for me.

I kinda thought it was that elitist bullshit that happens so much on this site.

The Office is hilarious. I just started watching a couple weeks ago, and I’m in the middle of Season 3 right now.

You can watch the episodes here:

Andy > Dwight

I hope they keep Andy/Ed Helms around for another season.

Yeah he’s pretty good. “Did you check in your… butt?” I don’t think he’s > Dwight, though.

HERE, replenish your liquids.

That line had me dying.

Dwight > everyone, forever.

The episode where he Dwight is training Ryan on how to be a salesman is funny as shit. “Your journey begins here!”

i fucking love the office. seems nobody really watches it from srk though.

and dwight’s better than andy imo. andy’s more annoying. besides, jim can’t do pranks on andy.

what can beat the vending machine gag?

Actually, Jim put Andy’s stapler in Jello like the first day he was there. But I’m with you, Dwight’s reactions are way better.

i love the office as well, but my old thread got mod deleted so i thought no one cared so i didn’t bother. but anways, this season is on a huge fucking roll. I believe Andy is almost at dwight status.

andy + dwight together in any scene >>>>> anything ever put on tv.

anyone catch the last 2min of 2 weeks ago when dwight and andy argue in the elevator? that needs a youtube clip, i have it saved so ill prolly up it tommorow.

anways, the way andy talks and acts, he is the perfect actor for that part. someone already mentioned it but that scene with

"did you check the vending machine?"
ohh, the vending machine, i checked the fax and then the copier, the vending machine was my next guess.
’‘well, did you check your… butt?’’

too good. also, you gotta love it when he says his gameplay before he mights micheal, he mimics everything he does and says the same things back! and micheal is all like, i like andy, hes my #2.

but the greatest episode ever aired is the dwalli episode, micheal tells his date thats its a costume party. my greatest laughter was…

"So Ryan, youre saving your money for you family in the future?"
orrrr, I was planning to travel… and an xbox’

omg, i had to pause and rewind like 3 times. the look on there faces, priceless


and andys reaction was too good! he went crazy! also, jim told andy everything pam hated and he mentioned like 10 different things in his first sentence when talking to her.