The Official 2013 - Ummm 2013 NHL Thread


We’s back, baby.

Watch Bettman get the chop after this season.


Is that even possible at this point? He’s been so bad for 20 years and he still has a job.


Playoffs! Hungry for Shark meat :slight_smile:


lol this poor lonely thread

Once Toews and Kane come back it’ll be like Two Gokus for the price of one. And that’s all you need to know



Look at comments section for awesome gifs/pics posted after the Sharks won and go up 3-0 in the series over the much hated socal rivals:



That was a pretty good game. Go Hawks!


Hey a thread did get made this season.

Bruins - Canadiens. Get Hype.



Fuck Boston.

That’s all. Go Habs, after that, I’m done with my rooting interests, UNLESS Dallas stays in.

My rooting interest goes as follows:

  1. Detroit
  2. Tampa (Rep Yzerman)
  3. Toronto (As of next year, rep Shanahan)
  4. St. Louis
  5. Dallas
  6. Canadian Teams
  7. Whoever the Avalanche are playing
  8. Don’t care.

EDIT: Just saw that Dallas is out. Now down to 6 & 7.


I’m going for the Blackhawks and Rangers. And then I hope someone can score me tickets at MSG, but that will be hard probably. I’ll rock a Toews sweater to MSG if I can get seats haha.


If it ends up Chicago/Boston again, I’ll cheer for the Hawks out of repeat spite for my friend that rubs New England teams in everyone’s faces all year long.

Also, to get a chance to see more Tukka Raask fail.


Another year, another Sharks team bowing out of the playoffs. At least this time they can say they did it THAT way.


The Sharks make Peyton Manning look clutch.


you stupid fucking San Jose Sharks. Now I gotta listen to my best friend go on and on about his LA Kings, just because they woke up after getting manhandled 7-2 earlier in the series. And of course the NHL playoffs are regional once you get in, so LA just has to beat on Anaheim and San Jose on their way to the cup finals again.


Don’t worry, the Blackhawks will be waiting at the WCF to end their nonsense because Minnesota will never win anything in life in modern times. I would’ve bit my tongue had Colorado didn’t self-facial an Avalanche of suck all of a sudden

I guess they were high…



Don’t watch hockey but I followed that sharks kings series closely. Actually got my interest in the sport. Feel bad for the Sharks fans tho


Don’t worry, they’re used to it.


You know it’s bad when even the Caps fans are laughing at your postseason performances.


I’m curious if Joe Thornton is gonna give up on SJ

FYI there was another nhl thread that @odin made but I haven’t seen him around in ages so whatever’s. In gonna make the 2014-2015 thread next time so the thread can be active