The Official 2014 Winter Olympics Thread: Is Russia Prepared?


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The Olympics begins this Friday, February 7. It’ll be interesting to see how things go down due to the controversies happening in Russia. I really think the IOC have to be more strict when selecting countries to host the games.

As for the thread title, I’m referring to this:


If the journalists are having this much trouble with their rooms, I’m wondering what the athletes’ rooms are going to be like. Looking forward to the stories…


Here’s one of Japan’s figure skaters, Asada Mao. That face…


Semi-related, but apparently stray dogs are being killed in Sochi. That’s pretty messed up, but why are there so many stray dogs to begin with?


Please spoiler that sir I was eating.


No Upper Decker rule in place.


y’all see the games today? USA already is already messing up in figure skating. dude fell so bad he left skid marks on the ice. he was cryin too.


They were gonna put hockey players three to a room but that got squashed fast

Russia claims that thy have camera in rooms showing people purposely funking shit up to ruin Russia’s name…which leads me to wonder why cameras are in the rooms.

Fuckers are gonna spy on my hockey team…not that it will help


The really dark side of me wants to watch the games in the hopes of a spectacular disaster, but the pro gay rights side of me wants to boycott. What to do…


Just watch hockey and wait for news of the inevitable human rights violations and terrorist plots


These Olympics were ruined when Costas got pink eye.


Russia is like reverse prep time Batman. He has billions of dollars and can accomplish anything, Russia invests billions into Sochi and can’t even get toilets, manholes, and hotels to work properly


I wonder what kind of state Russia will be in after the Olympics is over. I remember a page that showed the state of various Olympics sites, and it wasn’t pretty.


The opening ceremony is underway:


dude did his slopestyle runs with fractured ribs


Well what do you expect when you suddenly have a Winter Olympics on your unfinished Formula 1 Grand Prix Circuit.


I ought to put up her wikipedia profile picture as my avatar for further intimidation factor in Mafia.

The other Japanese skater looks like she could be related to Tila Tequila too.


I remember the Winter Olympics 10 years ago. I was watching curling for the first time. USA was playing Japan. There was a cute Japanese girl with red hair and freckles. I got into curling ever since.


The people at the top will be fine since nobody cared about the embezzling of


Or 60 on the updated totals? The money that was funneling into Putin’s hands to host the games. Always sucks when countries are all happy about being allowed to host the games, winning that lottery draw, Japan excited about an upcoming one again. They hosted the Winter Olympics before though.


As I stated, Sochi is actually being transformed into the Grand Prix circuit. They’re supposed to be hosting the 2014 Russian Grand Prix there later this October.

If there’s any shots of supposed roads that aren’t complete, these are most likely from the parts that are being transformed to be part of the track (turns 18 to 19 into the start/finish straight aren’t done yet).

On a related note, some of the stuff supposedly coming from Sochi is either from other places, or flat out Photoshopped.


If Russia ever gets anything ever again, including:

future Olympics
the Canusa games somehow
a Pink Floyd reunion concert
a date with RockBogart’s 6 out of 10 sister (dem teefs)
Barnum and Baileys circus
a letter stating they’ve been entered in the Publishing Clearing House’s sweepstakes
ticket’s to the Super Bowl, Cirque de Soleil, or free Lazer Tag
a date to the prom

we know it is rigged. This Olympics should be called the Sham olympics. I am suuuuuuper curious to see what happens in hockey. If Canada (which it will) wins gold, some Russian players family members are gonna either be reassigned to Siberia, or an unmarked grave. That is if the ref’s aren’t already bought off, and every american and canadian and european player bugged even while shitting. Yeah, we get it, 2 players per room, to get conversation going (they actually tried for 3, NHL said fuck no). Not that it matters, everybody just fucks at the olympics anyways:

I have no idea why America doesn’t just go balls out and just plaster the news even more and flat out laugh at this sham of an olympic game. 50 plus mother fucking billion with a fucking beeee dollars, and you have lobbyless hotels, poo ticket buckets, coverless manholes, spy cameras, missing doorknobs, and a blatantly obvious puppet government. And be super gay. America should just enter an all gay luge team. Just a bunch of bears, butt fucking their way to gold at 100 mph. With American flags clenched in their buttcheeks. Playing Bruce Springsteen on those fucking Beats speakers. I would just troll the shit out of Russia at this point. They interviewed Ovechkin about this and I swear he was reading a script imprinted in his brain by KGB I mean FSB ESPers.

How is this not illegal? How come crime can blatantly happen and we just laugh it off and ski down hills for commie medals?

that being said canada is second behind mother fucking norway, with 1 of each medal, bitches


Sage killed it in that snowboarding event last night. Very impressive. Cool to see all the boarders co-existing and kicking it together.