The Official 2016 Offseason NFL Thread: No more football-less Sundays till February!


That’s right gentlemen. It’s that time again. Anew year. A new hope for your team to troll to the Super Bowl. A new year for funny memes and vines. A new year to talk about Tim Tebow for some ungodly reason while he sits on the bench all year.

  • can Seattle return to the Super Bowl and actually give lynch the friggin ball?
  • is San Fran gonna have enough players to field a team?
  • Can Green Bay overcome their epic collapse from last years NFCCG?
  • Is Dallas’ oline really THAT good?
  • How will Chip Kelly troll the league this year?
  • How pissed off will Tom Brady be when he returns from his suspension?
  • Can Peyton manning make one last Super Bowl push?
  • Are the browns… Man who am I kidding. Nobody cares about the browns.

All these questions and many more will be answered and talked about in this very thread. (Well… Maybe not answered. Answers are determined on the football field).

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Sign ups for FFL should begin today. Just pm @Kaz your email address if he doesn’t have it already or post it here.

Or if you’re feeling froggy, let the people know you’re gonna create a league and I’m sure people will try to get in on it.


Rooting for Da Bears…


PM me your email for a fantasy football invite. Not sure how we will split up the leagues this year.

A champs league vs newcomers league could be interesting but I feel like we’re a year out from that.

Also no quitters allowed, will rest in a ban from playing. As always winner receives a prize.


I think what we’ll do is operate a separate “fun” league. It might be auction style and a keeper league. Any participants from league 1 and league 2 are welcome to participate.

Leagues 1 & 2 will operate as they always have. @BR3N7 look out for a PM later today.

In case anyone was wondering:

Previous SRK champs:

2014 - @The Co-Jones
2013 - @KnuckIfYouBuckley
2012 - @r00ster22
2011 - @"The Invincible Swordsman"
2010 - @Chachi

Previous SRK Runner Ups:

2014 - @"jae hoon"
2013 - @"The Invincible Swordsman"
2012 - @"The Invincible Swordsman"
2011 - @"Frozen Wings"
2010 - @kaz


I always say I’ll join I did SRK fantasy basketball last year and half the niggas quit lol…but I know SRK football is more active in general and it isnt as long so I’d definitely be in


Yeahhhh… I think I’ll play fantasy. Haven’t played in a while and I wont have the same amount of time as I did the first time (I was a freshman in college and the only other things I did was party and play video games. fucking job and responsibilities :bluu: )

Go Bolts


I bet y’all niggas act like savages in those FF leagues. LMAO!!!


Yay, count me in again!


I know you got my email. We in there


Never played fantasy before, but i want to try it out if its ok with you guys. Let go hawks!


JPP not the only one fuckin’ up with fireworks.

Says here the dude lost two fingers. Shit.


That blows. A CB losing fingers is a lot worse than a DE losing fingers.

Unless that CB is Ike Taylor… he couldn’t catch a football with an extra pair of hands.

Gods I hope he gets some robotic fingers or something.


I’ll play again this year.


Where are we playing on?


Surprisingly it’s been relatively calm the last few years. It’s nothing like it used to be when Cool Breeze, I Am Lothar and ckrazy all were in this thread and playing fantasy football. Those were the official savage days.

If it’s the same, I have it. PM me just in case.

PM your email.

Same as last year SadQuotes. You should know this.


Here comes a League Wide ban on Fireworks. Because seriously, these guys apparently need it.


NFL building their London presence.


JPP got his right index finger amputated -




Was this nigga holding a stick of dynamite or something? Dang…