The Official 2020 NFL Thread: Season is set to start but will it finish?


He decided to tape over the name of Antwon Rose Jr. and wrote a fallen soldier’s name over it. He used the Steelers’ fight against racism to honor the soldier instead. So much for unity in the Steelers’ locker room.

He’s the same player that decided to go out for the national anthem while the rest of the team stayed in the locker room in protest.

He’s also the only Steelers player who has served in the military and been deployed.

I’ll cut him some slack.

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He’s also not being open with his teammates about his intentions. The entire team took a lot of time planning, had open dialogue with each other about the issues, and agreed to use that time on week one to address police brutality and racism. The team also had communicated to the family of Antwon Rose Jr. on their intentions on week one but Villanueva went rogue.

FYI, the NFL already has a campaign dedicated to honor veterans of the military with Salute to Service. The NFL is allowing players to wear helmet decals to honor victims of systemic racism.

Villanueva lied to his teammates, Antwon Rose Jr.'s family, and the entire NFL.


Didn’t know all that. He’s going to alienate himself from his teammates.

Nothing new to the Steelers anyway.

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You are right. He pulled something like this before when the team agreed to stay in the locker room for the National Anthem. He came out by himself. So this is twice he seemingly agreed to so something and then decided to do his own thing.

Yeah that is all good and all, but I’m guessing you’ve never been in his shoes so you can’t really understand what he’s going through and how he feels.

Yeah, seems a bit of a jerk move especially given he didn’t seem to communicate this and instead went rouge, which comes off like controversy baiting.

If the league or the team punishes him he can cry to Right wing media about be oppressed. I appreciate he served and has strong feelings but the way he has handled himself shows a lot selfishness in his mindset.

At the same time though, imagine if it were the opposite. A fallen soldier’s name replaced with an unjustly murdered POC against the norm of an entire team. The person doing that would be considered a hero.

Sometimes we have to step back and make sure one doesn’t become the very people we’re condemning.

In both cases there is a time, place and way to do things. It is great to honor a fallen soldier but doing so when you know the organization is doing something else for a different reason brings the whole thing to the level that it is one or the other when it was never that until he made it that way.

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If people only followed the proper time and place to do things then the dialogue on mistreatment of POC and police brutality would’ve never started in the first place.

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Holy shit 61 throws attempted. Bengals need to step up their running game before Burrow’s arm falls off.

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Didn’t know Pete’s 69 years old. Out here like a 49 year old or younger

Run game needs to improve but a certain WR on that team need to step up as well unless he is trying to get out of the Bengals organization the old fashioned way.


Solomon Thomas and Nick Bosa went down in consecutive plays.


Saquon might be out for good.

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@Gimpy The way our division is playing today, you may be able to roll out the Bugs Bunny gif no matter what.