The Official 2020 NFL Thread: Where hopefully players start catching more Passes and less Covid-19




Chiefs are really gonna miss Osmele. The Remmers curse is already in full effect.

Quinn it is obvious, but can a Falcons fan confirm was Dimitroff bad?

Because of the Texans situation I am obviously curious about him.

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Standard Derrick Henry. He been treating grown men like kids since college, we’re used to seeing him do that in the South. Although nothing tops him forcefully using a player from the opposing team as his block. lmao

Welp, that does nothing for my confidence for Sunday.


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They should’ve shut down at the start of the season. Not because of Covid-19 tho, because Falcons straight ass


Cannot deny other teams’ right to get that free W against them though LOL


Chiefs are running out of interior linemen that can block but they signed LeVeon Bell. It’s like telling someone they need a truck only to have them come back with a 10-year-old Ferrari

Imagine being the QB of a team who led a team to a 24-0 victory only to be benched on your day off.

Poor Fitz…

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Real talk this feels like a bad move. Mahomes got to sit damn near his entire rookie year aside from a throw away game at the end of the season. Rodgers was riding the bench for what felt like five. And look how they all turned out.

I hope son is healed up fully. Because if he is not and they are just throwing him out there because of ‘business’ where they are likely to get one or two top ten picks this upcoming draft, then they are shady mofos.