The Official 2020 NFL Thread: Where hopefully players start catching more Passes and less Covid-19

Hail To The Redskins!

tenor (29)



Same thing also happened in a college football game this weekend:

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That was completely unacceptable. I’m glad he got ejected. That doesn’t belong in the game man that was a vicious hit and glad that Dalton could walk away. I really think after the fact he regretted hitting him though you could see it as he walked on the sidline.

That said, god damn this was my favorite play of the game. Zeke got completely raped in pass protection by Holcomb. First reply shows how Ionidis tossed him like a toddler last year too.


lol that Cowboys offensive line is non-existant. The players also don’t give a damn about each other and seems like they already quit on the season.

No one came to the defense of Dalton after that illegal hit. That shows the offensive line or any other player didn’t give a shit about their quarterback.


That’s a shame…

I feel for him, dude is trying to make a name for himself and to lose out on the best season his current franchise has had so far sucks.

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It’s alright. Los Angeles can have their 2 teams that won their respective league’s seasons:

But Seattle will win their teams’ respective leages season this year as well!!!


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I hope Teddy B is ok obviously but its kinda cool to see PJ Walker playing… One positive of the XFL…

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I like how it took son two hits to get a response. It is nice to know I am not the only brother in the world that got a weak punch.

Just bench this season…


Bro he got a helmet on lol.

Dude’s response was more of a disbelief reaction. Like damn, did this guy just punch me?

Bench the season…

Unless they have someone die or nearly die that is related to the game in some fashion, I doubt they would bench the season.

Yeah they aint gonna stop that train now. They even have limited capacity live audiences too.

Are the Dolphins still gonna follow through with the 10K people games?


Zero reason to bench the season… Fans were a stupid mistake PERIOD…

So far at a 0.02% infection rate I can say the NFL has handled this just fine or at least the best they could…