The Official 2020 NFL Thread: Where hopefully players start catching more Passes and less Covid-19

Oh boy!

At this point if the game gets cancelled the NFL should give the Steelers something to make up for the idiocy of their opponents. This is ridiculous.





I will do this every year around this time in any football thread created…

R.I.H.P. to Sean Taylor!!! HTTR!!!



ruh roh



I don’t see the Bal/Pit game being played at this point as its clearly super unsafe for the game to take place…


Oh this isn’t good…

James Conner is a cancer survivor.



Ya was about to share that about the Broncos QB’s…

We officially in games getting cancelled and a 16 team playoffs…

Seriously this seems like a perfect time to cancel that game and the Pit/Bal…

Got 11 weeks in and that was impressive but these last 6 plus the playoffs gonna be a shit show…

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49ers don’t even have a place to practice due to county orders. It’s a good time for another bye or cancellation of multiple games.

Denver should be hella punished for this shit.

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So basically football season should’ve never started, there’s way to many players and personnel to attempt a bubble season

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They tried:


They deserve to lose for not following protocol… Broncos should just play backups and don’t risk injuring starting players.

They legit should just cancel it but the NFL is run by hard headed old men that care only about money and looking good to other old folks or younger conquests.

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Tampa needs to take the bye week and just start from scratch on a new playbook…

Go 2-2 be 9-7 and hope its good enough to be the 7th seed but this team playing today is fucking one and done for sure no matter who they play… The excuse of no offseason shouldn’t be the go to or how Brady has switched teams after 20 years… Its week 12 not 2…

Tampa adjusted on defense the 2nd quarter and look like they can at least make Mahomes get off his spot a bit but this game is over and at this point just let Brady run the fucking offense the way he wants rest of the game and moving forward, funny how when he looked comfortable it was a TD drive…

I think Tampa reads my posts because they did everything I said to do and look they almost beat the best team in the league despite being down 17-0 for it…

Defense did a great job adjusting as well after the 1st quarter onslaught holding the best offense to only 10 points…

Hopefully they can built on this…

Brady struggling is proof that Arians’ offense isn’t a fit for one of the greatest quarterbacks in the NFL. Arians’ needs to revise his offensive scheme to cater towards the strengths of his QB, TE, WR, etc.

Winston somewhat succeeded but also failed and we know Brady isn’t too fond of taking that many “big play” risks and INTs.


49ers are playing their next two “home” games in Arizona:

Shanahan’s frustrated too: