The Official 3rd Strike Match Vids Thread

guess people will watch the latest touzaisen when its released on nico and then people will see the gauge glitch…

No problem here for the gv stream archive, for once. Can’t say the same for rusty parry thing…
Strange glitch, i’ve never seen it before i think.

@esn @falzzi i use to have trouble with the newton_ooyama stream but clearing my cache or cookies fixed it.

I usually don’t say things like this, especially on the internet, but
Floe is a dumb piece of shit.

Haven’t finished watching the last Rusty Parry but
ancient snakes with legs
is not related to Geography without going through Evolutionary Biology
and just has absolutely nothing to do with Bibliography.
Was he too heavy to physically kick him outta that chair and off that mike sooner!?

Fern dawg owned floe. It was sick!

Honestly, his chun was one of the worst Chuns ive ever seen.

To think that guy was the one representing us for 3soe. Its sad.

but he got 9th at Evo a couple of times. and 3s used to be his main game! I’ve got the post to prove it

Was that Gunfight beasting Riki? :o

Edit: nope, Riki using Gunfights colour. man Riki Dudley is too strong.

During Gunfight vs 339 at the last touzaisen can someone translate what they’re saying about Makoto and Cork Screw blow? please?

The Dudley was Rikimaru and Kaeru tried Chun Li.

Ah that explains why the Chun got rinsed so badly

13.12.26 - 段位戦 (danisen) - 九~十段戦 (kyuu ~ juudansen) @ GSV

ebara (HU) , shachou (CH) , 339 [mimic] (MA) , gao (YU)

mimic was stronger with yun ?

gao is a good cvs2 player,i have heard that his yun’s super strong but…
he plays like crap in tournaments / when it counts aka yakkun syndrome (sorta)
his CC team is nice,would like to see them in top 8

commentary : kuroda / tomi
despite his tweets,uncle K is still alive and relatively well


that’s fucked up,imo
marko was way too nice there…


Not a match vid but i posted this on facebook and figured to post it here

As in the description, defensive options (blocking unblockables, guard jump, anti air parrying) as well as countering offensive options that are commonly used online

(Note: there’s no commentary here in order to encourage self training and thought, i give hints with movements after the counter as to how to perform certain options but other than that, i leave the rest for you to figure out on your own)

I’m gonna make a thread to consolidate all of these vids and organize them for better direction, there are still a lot of things being requested so hopefully it helps people find what they’re looking for

Definitely, please put this and future videos like this in a different thread.

i had to skim through it as it’s so long.

Assuming this is aimed at beginner or intermediate players you’re better off explaining what you’re doing instead of just coming across pretentious and profound.

3rd strike is a 14 year old game, and as players we don’t need new players to take years to figure out things on their own like 3rd strikes version of fuzzy guard. it’s more effective to tell the players you can input a parry and then hold the stick in that direction: get the parry in the direction you attempted it, or guard the opposite. Beginners or intermediate players probably won’t understand that by seeing a video of you parrying/guarding Alex’s headstomps a 100 times.

Yeah i still don’t understand guard jump, because of my Naruto style brain i’d need to see it in action with commentary at the very least

everyone knows i always put commentary or direction as to how I’m doing certain things, this was just a test to get players to actually go into training mode and figure out what I’m trying to do, there’s no real button presses, it’s all simply directional movements. you have to understand i’ve made countless videos of me explaining tons of things but not many players actual establish it in match unless i personally practice with them only cuz they choose not to, and it’s aimed at everyone because there are even some veterans who don’t use guard jump or counter unblockables but the rest like countering abuse vs online stuff is general and easy to follow. If at anytime someone never understands what I do, they always ask me, it’s the way these things work anyways.

14.01.02 - 段位戦 (danisen) - 名将~闘将戦 (meishou ~ toushousen) @ GSV

matsuken (YA) fugu (OR) kuni wo naguru kikai [jirō] (GO) kuni (RY)

commentary : kuroda & yakkun

14.01.03 - 東西戦 (touzaisen) @ GSV



Atsushi and Tominaga seem to think that Gunfight is a really handsome guy. To the point that Atsushi made a declaration of sorts “I refuse to lose to a guy this handsome” and actually destroyed Gunfight by playing 150%.

And who was that Makoto with the 5 win streak at the middle there? Good stuff. Is he also French, did I understand correctly?

That was Niabahn, from Paris too.

It’s Niabanh. Is he Vietnamese-French?

France must have the best 3s scene in Europe. I’ve been to Bordeaux 2 years ago and played in some tournaments there. There are some pretty good players and the popularity of the game is almost up there with sf4 (well not really but you know).