The Official 3rd Strike Match Vids Thread


No post about the recent tourney? Come on guys!


Rikimaru leveling up the craziness year by year


Apparently there is something called YOUDEAL which hosts matches that people always wanted to see. Kuroda (Ken) vs Deshiken (Ken) happened last week:

No full source video atm.


Thank you for always bein on top of videos even after we fall off gameinn


Found it!

Kuroda Ken vs Deshiken FT5


“Best Bout Replays” SF3 3rd Strike OE - FlipZero8 vs EC Sgt Surge (1080p HD 60fps)


I know everyone seen these before but if not, enjoy. Cant wait till next year!


RX (Urien) vs Kuroda (Hugo)

MOV (Chun-Li) vs Kuroda (Hugo)

If you watch one third strike round in 2017, make it the last round in the mov match. That was absolutely ridiculous. Jaw dropping. Deserves to be in any top plays video.


blorg. taken down?


Yeah looks like he deleted the videos and I have no idea how to message him since he has no about section to click “Send Message”. His username was dkblade27


had I known I would have downloaded the vids, damn. Sick footage


Gonna legit play SF3 again on PlayStation 3. Anyone up for a few matches ? If so, my PSN’s REDJack889


You can add me for matches, it’s the same as my user on here.


1+ hour of Deshiken vs Tokyo heads


Ken-Urien is a 9-1 matchup in his hands


Holy shit


nice. thanks


1st match of that video is so legendary. One of the first good matches I ever watched was Deshiken vs Kuroda at Coop Cup 4.

12 years later, they face off again. Same characters. Beautiful.


ya. parry low forward into c&db lol. BALLS. OUT.
feels like that only worked because they know each other well enough.


Reptile is good, really good. But MOV ain’t selling girl scout cookies, we all knew that.


I know this has been dead for a while but a-cho uploaded recent 3S footage. SA1 Urien is fun