The Official 3rd Strike Match Vids Thread


had I known I would have downloaded the vids, damn. Sick footage


Gonna legit play SF3 again on PlayStation 3. Anyone up for a few matches ? If so, my PSN’s REDJack889


You can add me for matches, it’s the same as my user on here.


1+ hour of Deshiken vs Tokyo heads


Ken-Urien is a 9-1 matchup in his hands


Holy shit


nice. thanks


1st match of that video is so legendary. One of the first good matches I ever watched was Deshiken vs Kuroda at Coop Cup 4.

12 years later, they face off again. Same characters. Beautiful.


ya. parry low forward into c&db lol. BALLS. OUT.
feels like that only worked because they know each other well enough.


Reptile is good, really good. But MOV ain’t selling girl scout cookies, we all knew that.


I know this has been dead for a while but a-cho uploaded recent 3S footage. SA1 Urien is fun


Annual Summer tournament at gamenewton yesterday:

Hayao featured at 3:28


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