THE OFFICIAL A3 and KOF2k2 Ranbat thread

Aight folks, here’s how the points work out.

In the first row of the winners bracket EVERYONE gets 5 points just for entering ranbat and then in round 2 the winners get 10 points and for each round I.E. round 3 would qaulifiers would get 20 points and for the next round it’s 30 and 40 and so on till the finals come.

For the losers bracket they’ll still get 5 points and double that for each advancement they make up to.

If you guys are still confused on the system let me know.

Emulator:(a3)(Kof2k2)Mame32k64 or (a3) Mame32k61
Rom versions: Street fighter Alpha 3(US 980904), King of fighters 2002, The (bootleg)

Times: Sundays between 9 or 10.P.M. EST., 8 or 9P.M.CST, and 6 or 7 P.M.PST

Server:DaRoms (for now)

SIGN UPS: start 2 hours before the actual tourney begins.

Match-ups: If low entrees First round will be 3 out of 5 winners and 2 out of 3 losers, Finals are always 4/7. I’ll only do this if we have 8 to 14 at the maximum. 15 to 20 will be 2 out of 3 for both winners and losers, 3 out of 5 semi finals. For 21 entrees and above I’ll do 2 out of 3 winners, 1 out of 1 Losers, still 3/5 for semi finals.

Rules:All tourney banned characters are still banned and no marcos BS or autofire. If you don’t know how to disable your autofire if your detected with it P.M. me plz.

CONNECTION REQUIREMENT: Everyone’s connection NEEDS to be on Excellent during the ranbats it plays WAYYYYYY better then you think.

and that’s everything you shall need to know for the ranbats.

Out now Peace

P.S. Ranbat bracket for week one in KOF2k2:

Um, how many people are in the kof2k2 one? Seemed to be too few…but for later ranbats, I can get other people to join.

cant make it 2morrow gotta sleep early.

Put me down for both games.

I’d play, But I’d rather get owned by amy :wink:

Play…it’s in 10 minutes and there aren’t many people coming.

sorry folks had to get some other shit done but if you still wanna do it I’m doing sign ups right now and starting it in about 20 minutes. If we don’t get enough peeps this week, we’ll do this again next week.

P.S. Server is at DaRoms

next week better for me ^^ since holiday on monday although Id rather spend it outside celebrating 0_o.

Well, I won…I don’t know about the other scores but for my fights…

Emil vs. Zanza
3 - 0

Emil vs. I Suck
3 - 2 (dangerously close)

Emil vs. Hugo
3 - 0

Emil vs. I Suck
4 - 0

I thought it would be me vs. zanza in the finals.

Kof 2k2 -

  1. Emil
  2. “I Suck”
  3. Hugo 101

NDP beat me 3-0, I beat Rage 2-0 in losers, then I went on to lose 3-1 to “I Suck”. Considering I don’t even play this game…it was kind of fun. GG’s.

Alpha 3 - Not enough players…

Edit- Next time we need to get more people involved and make sure we have enough players to start the a3 tourney as well.

Aight Aight peeps thx for everyone who participated in KOF2k2 ranbat 1.0 week 1

Here’s everyone’s total points!

1st. Emil 140 points
2nd I Suck 90 points
3rd Hugo 50 points
4th Zanza 20 points
5th Tick 15 points
5th NDP 15 points
7th Rugal4000 5 points
7th Rage02fire (me) 5 points

All and all this tourney ran okay, but next time YOU ALL must be there at the TIME sign ups begin. I can’t let no one else join by the time it’s done but remember to come in DURING sign ups aight…

No A3 this week not enough players were interested, hopefully ranbat week 1 for A3 can start fresh next week.

Wait wait wait-

This was yesterday?

Apparently at the same time as that GGPO tournament.

Okay peeps updated the first post and posted up the bracket for week one in kof2k2

Ok so what’s up with this week’s tournament? Who’s in? And btw, you need to put a ping restriction…there are some really laggy mexicans on there.

Aight Yo Ranbats are gonna start up in 2 hours folks, sign ups begin NOW!!!

Well I win again…a valiant effort Mexico…you threw everything you had at me. But I was just too much at the end.

Btw Rage, I think you really messed up the points for the first round. Technically I should have 105 points, not 140…and the other people should have less as well.

from what I understood, everyone gets 5 points automatically. In winners, you win 10, then 20, 30, etc. In losers, you win 5, 10, 15, 20 (you said “double” but it wouldn’t make sense to be doubled in the loser’s bracket…if it was doubled you could technically make more points by losing in the first round and then winning everything in the loser’s bracket). So yeah, i don’t know how you intended to do the points for the loser’s bracket.

Oh yikes your right Emil I messed up lmao, okay I’ll re calculate everything and change the losers bracket thing.

Sorry guys for not coming in here lately but I’ve been mad busy with my counseling class work and haven’t really gotten time to check up on SRK that much.

Do to me still doing the work, I gotta cancel the ranbats for this week. If someone else wants to run them go ahead, but they’ll retain next week, you have my word on that.

i want in for a3.