The Official Abel Srub Thread



Didn’t see one here so I thought I would decide to make one.

As a 3s Dudley user I decided to pick up Abel, because of his intense rushdown and his general play-style/ strategy; which is to play like a pompous asshole who is constantly comboing and reseting you and gets in your face which is similar to Dudley and a lot more to Makoto. Now as far as I have gotten with Abel I still need a little help and I am sure beginning Abel players such as yourselves will have questions to ask. Feel free to ask me or any other Abel player what you need. And remember fight with class & live with class.



whats the point of this thread? to make one like this?


You know somebody is a scrub when they can’t even spell it right.


tell me again, how is this thread official?


THIS is how!


lol thread fail

try again OP :rofl:




Anyone get reminded of the Simpsons ep where the town gets 3 million dollars?

“My name? Ehhh, Mr… snrub. Yes that’ll do.”


sorry my cousin playing a prank i don’t even use abel i use rufus and i mostly play 3s so delete the damn thing.


Reading is your best friend , OP.


lol… either nice excuse or stupid prank :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the Abel on my disc is broken because when I try to shoryuken he just stays on the ground and grabs at the air. Am I doing the input wrong?


honestly i don’t give a fuck about a thread fail but my cousin Montreal did this shit so no hard feelings. by the way your abel is pretty good.