The Official Adventure Time with Jake the Dog and Finn The Human Thread

How great is this show? The characters, the guest voices, the animation style, the slang, the humor, everything on this show just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I love how they have started to give some insight on the backstory with The Ice King and Marceline. Love the psychadellic sequences. Love how the tone can be light and funny but at the same time really dark. Bound to be regarded as one of the greatest cartoons of all time IMO.

I know we gotta have some fans on here. Fav eps? Fav characters?

Last episode where Finn goes to pillow world,

it blew my fucking mind.

Pillow Princess asks Finn to dance, and he says he has a girlfriend.

She says it only a dance silly

and a bird shits a small pillow case on Finn’s shoulder. I was like, did they just do that??? Shit was hilarious.

It’s fiiiine, its fine itsfineitsfineitsfine.

I’ve only watched like half of the first season, because it’s on netflix, but I really like it so far. Jake is super awesome, and LSP cracks me up.

My favorite episode has to be the one where Mordecai and Rigby have a staring contest.

I really like the relationship between Marceline and her dad, who is like the king of hell.

I also like how Princess Bubble gum seems all sweet and innocent, but the more you watch the show the more you realize that she’s willing to cross some pretty crazy ethical lines in her quest for knowledge.

I was also glad to see CN add a bunch of shows to Netflix, of which Adventure Time is one.

Ice King with his tragic story gives me a lump in my chest.

Show needs more LSP…