The Official AE Gouken Roast - Go Ahead & Let It Out!

Same Shit, Different Toilet from last time (

As I go through this old thread, it looks as if we’ve received almost all that we asked for.

But I’m pretty sure we’ll find something like the…

BACK THROW NERF!!!… Even though I think he’s better in AE.

The bastards made it so Gouken is going to be bloody top tier and unstoppable in AE!

Wait I think I did it wrong :3

(Seriously though, I’m not gonna have serious complaints until I’ve given it a test run myself and then I’ll probably have something to complain about)

I found something. They took this frame trap out of the game. :frowning: How I loved her so… and there she goes.


But then I thought, they just gave me a close range version of that and it’s pretty safe to do. :slight_smile: I’ll take that trade.


Im angry.


Because we don’t have AE on consoles yet!


There was something afterall!

1000 times this

10000 times this!

Its over 9000!!!

fuck AE!

I will continue to swear by gflip being the still misunderstood and underused move of this entiire series! As long as they don’t gaffle me any worse than super e.g. Glfip overhead, I’m coooool like the sweat from a snowman!!!love you capcom!!!
Since this aint a rant…oops wrong thread!

i figured out what’s really pissing me off about ae.
i wanted denjin to be good the first time they introduced it.
this is like denjin’s second chance to suck.
i just want to play with that ultra.
you know how a lot of people will play dan as a break from their main?
i play denjin.

Ive got some good shit up in my thread
B-Nasty. go check my AE changes thread


Radiating heat of all the suns in the universe THIS!!


I’m lost.

He was commenting on this…

Lol! Copy that. Over and out

yes YES!!!
Gouken vs Dudley still free btw

Yeah right. He has the same problem that Gouken has. One knock down and he’s screwed.

Keep it classy!

Looked at the AE rankings, Gouken still at bottom of usage…

^ That’s very good, I’m glad no one wants to pick him up.

I really think the back throw nerf, made people say fuck having him as a main.

Player 1 says… “Gouken got some buffs…” sees the new Gouken in action* “**FUCK! ** They Nerfed Back-Throw Shin-Sho” **then commences to pick Yun, Dee Jay, Fei Long, or some other character you can spam with."

Gouken is an acquired taste, and unless someone has a decent idea of how his oki works and match up knowledge they won’t be picking him as a main, he has too many specifics. It’s much easier playing with a character that doesn’t require too much thinking (ahem… Ryu/Ken "DP or not to DP… that is the question) Though I do think you’ll see much more of him when it releases on consoles, b/c people will have more time to learn the little details, but by then we will be on to something else. :slight_smile:

btw the new lp palm is the shit and I think I may start using Ken again since he can now link to cr. round-house so he’s part of the Vortex family.

Agree with vortex selections! And perhaps will finally diversify in ae.

@ amigo and iam I became giddy with where he was in the list. Surprising seth was at the bottom.

deep down, i fear that we were given the buffs so that we have a slight chance against the storm that is yun and yang.

Also, fuck the 3 parries.

They portray him as unatractive no matter what the version!!! I love it.
In vanilla I used to rarely u1, I love the new crisp feeling he has