The Official and Only Team Helping Thread

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I thought this would be better than posting a lot of “Help my team” threads. If you need help with your team or something, just post it here.

EDIT: Oh yeah, if you’re using something like Magneto/Hayato/Psylocke and you don’t want to remove Hayato, just let us know, otherwise, you’d be told to remove Hayato. However, if you just don’t want to remove any of your characters, please don’t bother posting.

Mag / storm / sentinel

A team with Hayato at point.

A team with Thanos at either first or second.

What’s the proper order for Hulk-Colossus-Juggernaut?

right now i am runnign cyke-b/cable-b/storm-a
i was wondering what order i should start the game with

good idea and less clutter :lovin:


juggy hanos rorn = ggpo
thanos\morrigan ron

iirc, juggy\hulk\col right? someone correct me if I’m wrong.

I like cyke\storm\cable as the order but it looks like a 3 man team so you can start anyone. Cyke comes in swinging with 2 god like helpers and he has a safe DHC into storm. You can start cable vs sentinels, and it might be a smart idea to start storm against msp\other mag starting teams. Who knows though, maybe cyke\storm\cable does well against mag teams.

my 2 cents. A very uncommon team from my perspective.

I approve this thread. :tup:

Right now I’m trying to learn Dhalsim (damn he’s awesome in this game!). The teams I’ve been using him in mainly are:


Obviously both teams need work. I’ll try almost anything except Magneto/Cable, as those two do not appeal to me in the slightest. Cyclops is probably my weakest character of the four. But again, the only character I won’t drop is Dhalsim.

Also, this just-for-fun team:

Strider/Hayato/Silver Samurai

What order/assists should I use with it? The only assist that seems obvious is Projectile for Samurai. And presumably Samurai shouldn’t be on point, since he eats crazy meter.

Glad it helps~

I’m currently using Team Scrub (Cable B Sent A CapCom B). A problem comes from when someone uses a heavy projectile team, Cable/IM/Cyclopes Projectyle assist. Rushdown teams aren’t much of a problem.

For fun I’m trying out Tron(Projectile)/IM(AAA)/CapCom B. I’m used to Capcom and I feel comfortable with him. Does Tron’s Projectile’s Assists still not scale? And who would be the best to put on point? Or would there be a better design for this team?

Thanks, the Hayato teams suggested seem a bit “+ best assists” but I’m wondering what the logic is behind the Thanos teams. Glitch Jugs, Switch Thanos, with Tron assisting seems like idea behind the first one, but I don’t really understand what the Thanos/Morrigan/Tron team is about.

And how does Juggs/Thanos/Colossus sound? I kind of wanted a big man team, and realized Thanos is kinda beefy looking. And Hulk was really the character I was interested in playing the least out of Jugs/Hulk/Colos

jugg hanos ron -, head crush, dhc thanos ball = dead something. Super life. and iirc, juggy gets free strings cause of the thanos capture type and god forbid if the capture type hits you. You’ll be eating some serious life.

Thanos\morrigan ron is kind of similar. Basic bnb into tron, ball super, dhc morrigan is 90+% life. Morrigan is rather beastly on point as well. Thanos’ capture type makes the opponent stand so if morrigan gets any bnb standing or crouch into thanos bubble, the opponent stands and morrigan gets to go into her SJC infinite. Few reps of that into a crossup or 1-6 hit overhead back into tron = dead.

The thing about thanos is that he has no air throw. So if you SJupbck or njupbck, you can make it annoying for him to fight you. He’ll have to use ground xups in order to get some life and iirc, he can’t throw into tron so thats another minus for him. He’s got some good normals, his supers are very good but he’s not the best.

kobun/ roll/ dan

A good (but rollable) combo with Jug on point and Thanos capture assist is: (call thanos),, hcf+lp, (assist hits),,, hcf+lp, headcrush

IM first would be better seeing as you’d want Tron and CapCom for their assists. Try Doom instead of Tron sometimes, they both work.

I can’t help you with your heavy projectile problem since it’s not really a Team Help thing. :confused:

I"m looking for a 3rd character for my new Guile/Tron team. I tried Sent, and it’s great, but I also want a character that’s not part of the top 5. I"m thinking of Commando. Any input would be greatly appreciated. :stuck_out_tongue:

For my competitive team I have mostly been playing Spiral/Cable/Sent but I’ve been looking for a fun casual team to play in player matches as well. I’ve been looking at Jugg/Cyke/Tron and having a lot of fun with it. I know that Doom is usually preferred in Cykes place on the team, but I suck with him(working on that though), is Cyclops a useful place holder, or should I look at someone else?

I’m thinking Mega Man would help.

Cykes to me, is like Doom and Tron. They fit anywhere. If you’re enjoying Cykes and doing good with him, keep him. If not, try out something like CapCom or IM.

hmm. Guile doesn’t have very good mobility and drones gives him space controlling with the option to move.

Ruby\guile ron is pretty powerful. You can get guile in safely on block with c.lp+tron,, ghost chest super, dhc flash kick. The ghost should be hitting still as you fall from your flash. Ruby’s spike is so retarded and it will give guile another option to move. I think this team can win vs tops if you got the counters down.

guile\charlie ron - old school good. don’t know how well this team will do vs tops but both of these guys can do SOMETHING. Charlie is pretty nasty since he has some great setups off his throw.

guile\cyke ron
guile\morrigan ron - safe DHC on block, god like DHC on hit and morrigan AA is pretty good.



Gambit/Akuma/Doom… And a mix of the three.

Basically anybody with Ken, for some reason I do great with him, but I don’t do so well starting him at point… any tips? Any tips on any of my teams? it’d be greatly appreciated.


Cammy is a beast, especially with tron or sent drones.

Shes an awesome point char, and IMO has some sort of method for fighting with the High tiers (i.e. Mag, Storm, Cable, Sent)

Shes small, so she avoids a ton of hits.

B&B KBA combo takes massive damage.

Has some good resets.

J.FP throw & corner HP throw are amazing.

KBA goes through most projectiles, and a ton of other shit.

All in all, an amazing bitch.