The Official and Only Team Helping Thread

For the Ken/Cable/Sent

Go either: Cable(AA)/Sent(Drones)/Ken(AA) or Sent/Cable/Ken

I prefer sent first. Have him act as a (albeit mediocre) battery to build meter. Sent W/Ken AA can be pretty tough to come in on.

With Cable second you have extra meter and a reliable AA assist.

Any other tips on my other teams?

I tried hayato for fun, but he is only good at building meter with sentinel behind him…

I don’t know if I like Hayato/Ken/Sentinel…

And ahead of time I’ll add that I have NO desire to remove Ken from my team, and I’m only looking for someone to compliment him… Blackheart? Dr. Doom? Iron Man? Gambit? those are who I’ve been running with him, and on rare occasions Akuma…

Is Sentinel really the best choice to back up Ken? I also feel kinda cheap backing him with Sentinel AND Cable… advice?

Thanks for all the input guys!

I’ll be giving Guile/Morrigan/Tron and Cammy/Guile/Tron a try.

I just woke up, so I’ll get back to you maybe… xD

Seen a lot of good advice in this thread, and since the PS3 version comes out on Thursday, I’m looking for some general tips / advice on my teams. Now I’m not really changing them, cause I like 'em, but if a character is really detrimental to my team lemme know :lol:

Main team: Cable (AA assist), Tron (Project Assist), Sent (Ground Assist)

Secondary team: IronMan (AA Assist)/Spiral (Projectile Assist), Strider (2nd Assist, forgot the name of it), Doom (AA Assist)

For the heck of it team: Felicia (The Sand assist), Tron (Projectile Assist), Cammy (AA Assist)

^^ Unless you really like Tron, I’d put her last instead of 2nd.

Spiral/Strider/Doom is gonna wreck a lot of people online just because it’s so brainless-- mash knives until you get max meter, then dhc to Orbs and mash some stuff out with S/D.

I lose when any good players show up anywhere, but with that team I squeeze out a few wins cause like you said, people just hate chasing down spiral :lol:

thanks for the tips :tup:

I’m trying to build a team around Omega Red. Here’s what I’m thinking:


I like SS, but chasing ppl down with him is a pain.


Commando on point with Doom assist is pretty cool, and Commando adds AAA to Omega Red. I put Doom third since I use him the most as an assist.

O.R. / Sent (ground) / Spiral (proj)

Sent ground assist gives O.R. some good ways to get in. Once I have meter, counter or DHC sent in and chip away my meter with Spiral’s assist. Then, tag Spiral in, get meter, and DHC Sent again for more chipping fun. No AAA, but Sent ground helps a bit against rushdown.

Well, OR is a good battery, so I think he’ll work with Cable/Tron, Strider/Doom, IM/Doom or Sent/CapCom.

Thanks, I’ll try it out with Sent/Capcom.


Any time you rely on a tag to get a character in, it’s a problem area in terms of team chemistry. It can work on certain squads, but only if the character provides a safe tag in some way.

ORed/Commando/Doom seems like it would work if you have a really, really good Omega Red, since you’d have to keep him alive and on point for the team to function.

I like that idea about running ORed/Sent/CapCom. You get a similarly functioning team (swapping Rocks for Drones I’d imagine) plus Sentinel benefits tremendously from CapCom. IMO Doom/Cap is ‘eh’ so this is the better of the two.

Commando on point with Doom assist is alright. I like commando, but since he’s always 3rd I rarely get him on point with good assists :slight_smile: . It’s just that Commando doesn’t have a really good use of the meter Omega provides. PP super after a corridor or doom rocks isn’t reliable enough on assists IMO. For some reason they leave before taking full damage. :frowning:

Thinking about it, O.R / Doom / Cyke might be worth a shot.

A lot of people who feel uncomfortable with Sentinel play Cable instead.

The team depends on the player, if the player can’t play Cable without meter then Storm/Cable/Cyc is better.

I prefer Cable/Storm/Cyc because you get the OG Cable/Storm trap and you have a quick DHC option in case shit.

omega\sent ron
omega\storm ron
omega\morrigan ron

omega ron in general is so fucking god like. RIP omega roy.

omega ron can create some very complicated setups to block. 2 piece ground series+tron, upfwd kick and go past the sprite. From here you can retract and tron can hit front and back upon retract. You can also cancel the upfwd kick thing on the opposite side, falling mixup or fall back to the original side.

In some cases, these are damn near impossible to block. its sorta like spidey. If you can drop @ the spot where the game can’t make up its mind, you can make some random shit happen.

He also has the weird ass AD that can be canceled with block iirc. You can basically pin someone, ADF+tron crossup then float back to original side. Omega is just fucking nuts on point with great helpers. He can definitely take it top tier teams. My homie roy won like 160$ @ FR a few years ago off like 5-10$ MM’s and he won all of that in one sitting. Straight beasting top tier teams with his omega\xxx ron stuff. To bad that shit wasn’t recorded because he was scoopin cash left and right.

Today I’m running: Ken/Gambit/Sentinel, Ken/Cable/Sentinel, Ken/IM/Sentinel…

I can’t seem to get the hang of Blackheart or Doom… Any tips?

Doom and Blackheart aren’t characters you can practice for a short time and expect to get the hang of them so quickly, really… Just keep practising with them I guess. Don’t start with Ken, you have Sent and IM, might as well start with one of them. You’d want Ken’s AAA.

I really like to start with Sentinel then eventually move on to Ken when I have bars because that’s where Ken really does his damage.

Besides the C.HP – SJ – LP -> Hurricane Kick, which seems to be the most useful, I was trying to figure out some good ground combos… It’s easy to lead a C.LK into a Shoryu-Reppa, but sometimes I end up doing a Hadoken, which if it doesn’t whiff I go into a Hurricane Kick.

I’m having troubles comboing into the Shippuujinrai Kyaku HC, though… Is the strategy to have Sentinel send out drones while I rush with Ken?

I’m still debating on who to put with Ken/Sentinel… Gambit, IM, Cable…

This will be my ‘first team’ that i have compiled together, so I’m really trying to put some effort/work/strategy into this without just using one of the generic setups…

I’d either go IM/Sent/Ken or Cable/Sent/Ken. You can even start with Sent if you want with them because IM and Cable’s AAAs are great. I don’t know about Gambit though, don’t have any experience with him at all…

If you want Ken strategies, you should really go to the Ken section.

Thanks for the help. I wasn’t trying to find just Ken strat, so I apologize.

I was moreso looking for a “my first team” strategy with Ken/Sentinel/xxx …

I think I’ll go with Sent(Drones)/Cable(AAA)/Ken(expansion)… That seems to be working pretty well. Sentinel starting off with cable AAA seems deadly and almost makes me not have to use Ken except if I have to, which is when I do best with him anyway.

I’ve never tried IM’s AAA (he’s sort of tricky at point for me unless I spam the cannons) ,and the range on it looks short. I’ll go into arcade and test it out…

is CapCom the preferred AA over Blackheart if you want the added bonus of being able to tag runaway Storms and such? I’ve always preferred Blackheart generically, but sometimes he ends up third on the team, so I’m mostly just looking at the AA.