The Official and Only Team Helping Thread

What would be the implications of swapping out CapCom for Psy in team scrub? Her AAA feels quicker (but without the height) of CC’s and I just prefer her allround, but if that’ll screw up the team for other reasons then I’ll stick with CC.

CapCom’s AA does more dmg than Psy. Plus when Sent is doing fly combos, CapCom’s AA can combo in for big dmg. Also, when using Cable on point, Capcom’s AA makes the opponent fly to the other side of the screen (which is where cable wants them) as opposed to Psy that just knocks down and gives the opponent an opportunity to roll and end up right next to cable.

Should play my homeboys buckets team. It’s hayto(anti-air), captain america (anti-air), and thanos( capture). Has alot of 100 percent combos.

Holy shit! Dj vu ! I remember playing that team back in 00, when I had MvC2 for DC! The team isn’t very good tho. If you like strider try Strider/XX/tron or XX/Strider/doom

Dhalsim is REALLY good(top, but not god tier), but probable the hardest to master out of the game.

Some of Dhalsim best teams are the following:

Dhalsim/Sent(rocket punch)/Cyclops(AA)
Dhalsim/Sent(drones)/Iron man(AA)

Magnetro Made an amazing tutorial on Dhalsim.


I like black heart over Capcom for a few reasons:

  1. MUCH better on point then Capcom
  2. Can catch runaway storm better then Capcom
  3. Works better for more characters.

But yeah, Capcom is the preferred AA between the two. Capcom assist counters a good amount of other assist, comes out pretty fucking quick, and covers a lot of vertical range. You should try a Sent/BK(aa)/Capcom(aa)

Tutorial on BlackHeart

I usually use Charlie/Ryu/Ironman but Ive been getting wrecked in ranked matches lately. Would anyone be kind enough to make other suggestions on this team? I hate magneto, storm and sent. with a passion but I will be willing to learn them if they are strongly recommened, and I really like charlie so I would like to keep him. Any tips or advice?

I don’t know. I’m new too… So I’m no expert, but…

I can say that I have had TONS more success switching Ryu out with Ken…

But I’m not the one to throw tons of fireballs unless I’m building a bar off of a super jump.

IM\charlie\doom sounds like a very good team. If you don’t like the tops, so what. Play whatever you like. You can be "competitive’’ with quite a few characters but you have to know a thing or 2 about team chemistry and how it relates to marvel.

There is tons of IM\doom stuff all over the place. and youtube. Doom is actually one of the best assits for IM and charlie is a solid mid tier who is capable of using doom for his game plan. You have safe dhc’s on block which is very important to have as well.

IM on AA, charlie on AA or projectile, doom on AA.

IM’s s.rh is an AA by itself. That normal is out of control, it beats damn near everything when timed properly. If you feel like you can fend someone off w\o an actual AA assist, you can stick charlie on projectile type and gain a little horizontal spacing. Try to save IM all the time so charlie can use it. Seems like he would be able to manipulate it well from my perspective.

I had been playing around in the low/mid tiers using Sonson/Morri/Tron (and shoultzula already gave me some great pointers on them), but Sonson wasn’t really working out for me and I decided to replace her with Spiral, who I’m really liking.

So now that I actually have 2 viable characters on my team, I’m thinking of switching out Morrigan for someone a little better. Morrigan was my personal best character for my first little while of playing the game, but that’s probably just due to her being a slightly weirder shoto. The problem is that I need it to be a female character (all of my teams in this game have been 3 girls, no point in stopping now :slight_smile: ) and I really don’t want to play Psylocke or Storm. So that pretty much leaves Ruby Heart or Cammy, and I’m leaning towards Ruby Heart.



Which is ‘better’? Are either of them even viable? Any neat tricks or specific strategies I should know about for one of these teams? Am I completely out of my mind? :slight_smile:

I have 5 players I’m trying to mash into a team. I can use…

Magneto - mainly just triangle jumps and basic magic series combos and I can pull of the hyper gravxx tempest combos everyonce in awhile. Need a lot of help to start mastering him.

Iron Man - I always forget about his AA assist in game and it seems to come out slow so I don’t really know how to utilize it. On point, I can do his infinite, but landing it is a different story. I’m practicing SJC into,, j. up HK but it still seems hard to land. Besides that I usually just use to xx PC or Super jump smart bombs. He is my favorite Superhero so I kind of want to keep him even though he is my worst point character overall.

Cammy - I use her speed a lot and I can do her BnB KBA combo very well. I love her ground dash but the turtles kill me when I use her. Probably my overall best character, but I feel that she will be useless in the long run…

Sentinel - I can just do the basics with him… I can fly/unfly with him and spam stomps and frying pans, but it ends there. also can do HCF rocket punch chain thingy. I mainly use ground assist because I don’t really know how to utilize his projectile assist.

Psylocke - I just use her for AAA and I feel like I rely on it a lot to start my offense. I can do her BnB air combo butterfly super, but besides that she is almost useless to me as a point character.

I’m also considering Cyclops and Storm to learn and Doom if he can help my Iron man. Any help would be awesome!!! anything from a great team to basics on how to use them. Thanks in advance!!

I think both are ok - it’ll just end up on being what your personal preference is.

I personally like Ruby cuz her attacks have more range.

If you pick up morrigan, learn all the angles of her air dash (they change depending on what direction you hold) cuz you’re gonna eventually have to get in to do some damage. Plus she has an infinite (kinda weak dmg) but fun to do if you can get it off.

@a macaspac: You have so many great options here. Magnus/IM/Sent, Magnus/Sent/Psy, Magnus/Sent/Cammy and Magnus/IM/Psy for example. Learning Storm, Cykes and Doom will only help even more so you could use Storm/Sent/Cykes, IM/Doom/Psy, MSS, MSP and MSCykes.

@AvariceX: I think Ruby Heart should only be used with Doom, really… The first one works if you know how to play Spiral well.

ruby\doom only chips well. imo, ruby ron is stronger because of the damage potential on hit. If ruby\doom baits a helper, what are you going to do for assist punish?

Thanks for the team suggestions, After messing around with storm, I’m actually liking her a lot more than Magneto (which makes me sad because I like Mags). I’m thinking of making a different variation of Combofiend but with Storm replacing Magneto. It’s probably going to be Storm Proj/ Sentinel Ground/ Iron Man AA

I like the way this team works because it seems like Iron man benefits off of Storms projectile assist more than Mags and it adds more depth. Should I change up the order or keep it the same. Any advice on using this team as a whole or basic combos I can work on? I have storms basic Magic series to lighting attack xx Lightning storm down.

I’m also thinking about using Mag/storm/IM but it doesn’t seem like it has enough firepower or chemistry to work. What do you guys think?

Mag has an INSANELY damaging unmashable tempest with Ironman AA, which is why I always chose Mags over Storm when using Ironman. IIRC it is:, c.hp, /\ ,, AD-DF,,, /, ironman, j.hp XX tempest

Again, IIRC it does about 65-70% damage on Cable. If you DHC into HS from that…it’s a dead character.

hmm I’m trying that combo and I get stuck after the sj. lk,… so I land then jump while calling iron man and while he is in the repulsor blast I j.HP to tempest?

land, then jump and do + iron man assist, j.hp, tempest (iron should hit between j.hp and tempest)

^^ ok it makes since now, I have it down to the regular jumping lk but I guess my timing is off after that when I call in iron man. wow how difficult this can be…

I don’t know if we should be going in depth in combos in this thread, but since it may help others out I am going to guess that it’s cool.

This combo’s timing changes slightly depending on what character you are doing it on…you want to make sure that the opponent is right where Ironman’s fists are when he does the repulsor-blast.

For the most part, when you land (after, do ironman (hit the two buttons at the same time)…pause ever so slightly… j.hp xx tempest.

You need to pause to allow them to fall to the correct height so that Mags j.hp hits them into ironman. If you pause too much, you will break the combo.

Finally, you should be canceling the j.hp into the tempest as soon as the j.hp connects (listen for the sound). If you still can’t get it, PM me and I will see if I can help.

Running a Cable/Bone Wolverine/Dhalsim team right now. Any ideas on which assists I should use/any general tips? Seems like Dhalsim’s AA might come in handy.

I’m brand new to MvC2. Aside from spamming buttons on random arcade machines when I was 12, hoping to get Mega Man to shoot a giant laser beam across the screen. I was a delightful child.

Anyway, I found myself playing Sentinel-A/ Magneto-A/ Cyclops-B.

I’ve always loved Cyclops and I’m actually not too bad on point with him. My Mags is weak since I just picked him up. I’m still learning though. Tough game. :-p