The Official Arcade Cabinet Character Moves List Collection!


So you got templates for your SE/TE sticks…
You got templates for building your sticks…
You also got a plethora of information on building/modding your sticks.

Now I bring you…

The Arcade Cabinet Bezel Character Moves List Collection!

Going forward, I will make them available for download via direct link or you can just get them from my Albums from my SRK profile.

Contributions is encouraged and will be appreciated. Customized ones will be fantastic too!

So far I have: Marvel vs Capcom 2, Street Fighter III, and SFIV. Apparently I’m missing quite a few that I had saved, but oh well… I’m sure they’ll resurface when you share yours!


*donovanmyers *

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Awesome Idea!

I have the JPN Tatsunoko list, but i’m on the road right now for work.

I believe Donovan Meyers made an English one for All stars in the Image Mishmash thread.

I also have a Blazblue one, but it’s kind of sloppy…


Thanks for mentioning that EVAWINGZERO!

Here’s the direct link to the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom move list:

Also, you can get the Street Fighter IV ones that were posted on a while ago from my site:


I support this thread 100%!! I want to print these out @ kinkos and have them laying around for when some of my casual-playing friends come on over. Thanks =)


Thanks donovanmyers! You, Sir, are awesome :tup:


Thats exactly what I do. I get them on the 80lb paper and laminate them. All in all it costs about 8$ each. Totally worth it.


I have Arcana Heart 2 jap moves. They are in a pdf file though…and im not too sure how to upload them lol


Edit your post, >Go Advanced, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see manage uploads. From there you can upload images.


are there any english versions of the sf4 moves list (arcade cabinet style) around?, other than the card you get with the madcatz stick?.


i have the CVS1 arcade movelist (arcadecabinet) somewhere with the guide book… if anyone is interested in em i might be able to find and make some scans of them… cheers

edit: i have these: and another 2 movelist from the cabinet…

#11 has cabinet movelists on the site.

Calamity Trigger

Continuum Shift.


The BlazBlue stuff is nice, but I wish it were in some sort of official strip. Wasn’t the BlazBlue Calamity Trigger game released in a Vewlix cabinet? Was there ever a movelist that went int he compartment? I’d really love to get my hands on that.

Either way, my next project is a Vewlix sized movelist for BB Calamity Trigger.


I was just wondering what ever became of your work on a Blazblue strip.


The TvC one is great! I wonder where a Cvs2 one would be? Hmmm…


No English versions of these anywhere?


Why can’t I click on the OPs link? says I don’t have privilege go see it.


Wow… even I can’t access it! Crazy… looking into it.


Maybe they moved it to another area?


Thanks for looking into it. I kinda like these things :stuck_out_tongue:


not really a movelist, but does anyone have the blank black and green stripe “instruction space” from an original astro cab?