The Official Automobile Thread

I’ve never made an official thread before and was looking for a cartalk thread but had no luck…

So, post here with new concept car pictures, questions about upcoming vehicles or to gain advice on a number of automotive subjects.

And share your ride if you can!

These aren’t mine but here are a few to start out with (why can’t we post pics in GD discussion? sucks big time):

credit goes to suspencs at BFC

BMW M5 ( )

Porsche GT / Turbo ( )

Porsche GT / M3 ( )

BMW M3 ( )

Upcoming Lotus ( )

I’ll take one of these please ( )

I want a 2002 Altima :(.

Turn up the sound…

1988 Toyota Supra TURBO. Everything is upgraded, no rice.

I love the new c6 Z06, but everyone loves that car.

I just wish Mitsubishi would just bring back a Turbo 4G63-powered all wheel drive Eclipse. That would make up for all their recent mistakes.

Damn, there’s like 300 official SRK car threads…

Cars = Cool.

damn i didnt see any :sad:

My current favorites
Mazda3 sedan/Mazdaspeed3 Hatch. They NEEEEED to make the speed in a sedan.
05 WRX STi. Still not a fan of the front of the new ones.
06 civic Si. WTF is up with almost $3k over sticker though?

oh thats what i saw on the road yesterday, i thought it was some weird base impreza…

yeah the front is crazy, but it doesn’t look so awful in person as it does on the web

mhmm, that’s very true. you see a pic and it’s just shameful, and in person, it’s just not as good as the old one. Other than the grill, the car is still impresive as fuck though.

Kinda on topic…is the Evo IX out already?

i believe so, base $36K for the MR on their site.


I’m considering buying a 1995-2000 Acura Integra. I want this as a project car. My goal is to soup it up. Can someone tell me of the Price-Range for this car, what it’s capabilities are and how much money can I expect to pay to hook this car up?

I can’t help you too much at all, but i can at least tell you that you’re looking at purchasing the most stolen car ever.

Son of a…

Are there any good security systems that can prevent someone from stealing the car?

i hate every car made in the late 90’s and onward. i only base my opinion on looks, and every car after that makes me vomit.

w/e car i get i’m seriously thinking of making it glow in the dark. seriously. i’ll be mr awesome.

im thinking less mr awesome, and more mr newbie

ever bring that thing down to the races in kent?

reminder to self to watch that video

i dont remember much from the early/mid 90s that was really that worthwhile…care to elaborate?

As a teg driver and seeing you’re from the bronx, I dont recommend it. I do love my teggie though but even I have seen my share of break-ins to my teg. No alarm can stop a douchebag from flatbedding your car and towing it away. For more info. go to

by “soup?” what do u mean? fast or show? that site is kinda sophisticated so a vague question = locked. It’s going to be a lot of reading but i’ll help u as much as i can.

If you want a stick, get the gsr model (vtec). If you know for sure you dont want stick then auto is fine. However IMO, i want a stick now… the auto was not meant to be raced as my car slow as a snail.

basically you’re lookin at 4-8 G depending on what model/year. It’s gonna vary how the owner took care of it. Despite the miles u can do a “compression test” on each cylinder to check its condition.

do u want fast or show? i need more info to give u a better answer.