The official bad teachers thread


Female high school teacher accused of having sex with FIVE pupils in just five months

Single high school teacher ‘had sex with five students’ | Mail Online


For the love of god stop snitchin. Hot teacher fired over student sex scandal...(pics leaked)
30 Year Old Teacher Runs Away With 15 Year Old Student
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Married Biology Teacher Traumatized 17-Year-Old Male Student With Sex Romps, Cops Say

That plus your username. Oh yeaah.

Teacher Has Student’s Baby

She’s waaaaaay too chubby for my tastes.

The football players are officially black until proven otherwise.

Poor young souls getting corrupted by fat white wommenz.

Also I call bullshit on “5” students.

“Rule of 3s.”

That’d be her pretty much going ironman against both line ups.

Propers, I guess?

As I see it.


2 threads in a week, there maybe something here. Gonna re-enrol in college


ever notice how sexperienced only posts threads on this topic?



she probably looks better all gussied up. and when you’re a teenager you’ll take anything.


Am I the only one thats seeing

“Man is banned from having sex by High Court judge because his IQ is too low”

in the center off the page?


Man is banned from having sex by High Court judge because his IQ is too low


ever notice how you always respond in them?

Only?.. i dont think so.

OK, i’ll change the the title to the “official bad teachers thread”… anything to do with teachers fucking up.


Ah, so she’s a little freak. Yes indeed. You could do a lot worse for PE teachers that’s for damn sure.


so someone snitched on the football team for gangbanging this broad…fail…

Id hate to share though so maybe its was guy 1 who snitched on guy 5 or maybe it was guy 5 who snitched on guy 2…

im thinking it was the coach of the squad…“you gave your draws up to some kids?”" WHERE MINE AT!!!


LMFAO, an IQ of 48 is the equivalent to the IQ of a 6year old, that dude was probably straight but didnt care who or what he had sex with.


Shouldn’t this be the official best teachers thread?

Amirite guise?

Hugh Mad.


I don’t know whose guise you are.

But you’re definitely funny, and a welcome addition to the secondary account troupe of Black Jesus, Lint, and Thomas Edison.

As I see it.


Um. Wow. Despite being kinda glad about restricting low IQ people from procreating, this is a horrible precedent. So now courts can dictate who has sex or who doesn’t based on the medium intelligence level? I hate the slippery slope mindset but who’s to say it will stop there? Stopping previously convicted criminals from having sex? Etc, etc. Also, it kinda pains me to read that article because it makes me hate the media and our society in general - is nothing private anymore? Everytime something “interesting” happens it has to make the news?

And how are they supposed to enforce that sort of thing?

And that teacher that slept with five students is not hot. Seriously, I don’t care what anybody says I was nowhere near horny enough in HS to want to bone chicks like this. This is just sad.


She’s like an uglier n plainer version of Natalie Portman…she’d get it:rofl:


Teacher Lindsay Massaro admits to having sex with boy, 15 | Mail Online


:u: I was just reading that thought meh, but then I saw this photo of her - C’MON!!


I’m amused, if only because I saw the creation of a megathread for this topic coming and am surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

I was pretty shocked to read that too. That’s way overstepping its bounds, IMO. I hope that shit gets repealed or checked by the higher courts.

They really can’t enforce it, except arbitrarily. Unless cops are going to pull people over and hand them litmus tests.


That makes me happy in my pants but sad in my heart :sad: