The official bad teachers thread


I’da bang most of these teachers myself. Even if I were 15 or 16 years old!!!


Female Teacher Jailed For 37 Charges Of Sex With 3 Pupils


**Married mother-of-three teacher, 25, is charged with having sex with ‘multiple students aged between 15 and 17’ **


If I would’ve seen that name, followed by mother of 3 at 25, without that picture and being in a state other than Florida, I’d never believed that reality.

God, her vagina was probably every science subject in one


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I don’t understand why this crime (which, let’s face it, IS a crime, but still) is deserving of a life sentence in prison. She’ll get life while some murderer will get 10 years. We got some fucked up priorities here in the USA.


University Professor Lisa McElroy accidently emails anal beads p0rn link to all her students

Dean later set out a mass email apologising


How much time served should the male high school teacher get for fucking your daughter? Then apply that to women for being creepers too.


It’s definitely not a crime worth getting life in prison for, that’s for sure. I’m not saying she’s not guilty of a crime, I’m saying the crime she’s guilty of isn’t a “life in prison” kind of crime, especially when the dudes were all 17. If it were a situation where she’d been brought up on charges more than once for this same thing, then sure, I could see the sentence being longer. And honestly, if a male teacher bangs a 17 year old girl and it’s consensual, it’s whatever to me. I’m not saying it should give everyone a free pass to do this kind of thing, but everything’s so black & white in our society these days and I think there are a lot of shades of gray in cases like this.


I have to agree with Pertho, gender aside, if anyone would have raped/molested my child, a life sentence is the pleasant alternative to what an enraged parent would serve. Realistically, the sentence fits the crime, one ruined life for another. That kid is never going to live life normally.


WE’re not talking about a “child” though, we’re talking about a 17 year old. It’s one thing if they’re being abused against their will, but in a case where the sex is consensual and it’s only abuse in the eyes of the law, then I feel like a life sentence is a bit much. That’s all I’m saying.


It really doesn’t matter about age then, does it? Just about if it’s consensual. You bring up 17 year old teens, but when I was 13-15 I had crushes on 20+ year old women. I’m sure I’m not the only one.


Just saw this on imgur

Titled: Grade 7 teacher in Russia



I’d bang that teacher…



No Jail Time
No Sex Offenders List
90 days mental health treatment
3 years probation

Being a chief judge’s daughter has a lot of perks.


It does though. There’s a world of difference between a 13-15 year old and a 17 year old even though theyre close in age range. I don’t think the law really accounts for that.



What a crock of PC bullshit. Old ass tweet, tongue in cheek comment, oh fuck better get her fired before she lures students to regular Klan meetings. :expressionless:


That shit is hella click bait. It’s local news type stuff(in my state va) and I don’t even think this made the actual news. And this happened last year during prom months (may/June).

Complex is an awful website on the level of buzzfeed.