The official bad teachers thread


@crucades And black people were too butthurt. I was mad because I’m sure she would be down to fuck some black dudes if they weren’t so butthurt. I was wondering why niggas running a revenge train on her ass or something.


So an adult who performs sexual acts with minors younger than 17 is deserving of a life sentence?


Teacher Gets student pregnant, later finds out the student is his daughter…

Man jacked off at gunpoint by three women who wanted semen

Holy shit. @angelpalm sup dawg? :trollface:


At least Florida wasn’t responsible this time?


I’ve fucked broads till they begged me to stop, really can’t imagine it the other way around.


Difference being Sov bitches tell you to stop when they sober up, this here bitch is all athletic though and built for days.

1 - 15 years for each count huh. What a lot of shit.


LOL, are you sure that teacher wasn’t the victim in this case?


How does it feel like when the place with the most child predators is the public school system?


Hot dayum, that Quistis chick giving those chickenwusses the sexual Limit Breaks



So i just found out this was a word the other day, Ephebophilia, which is a sexual attraction to 15-19 year olds. Deez ladys got dat ephe mane.


That teacher could get it!!!

Fuck man my h.s days was nothing but old ass women and dykes as p.e teachers -_-


Yeah and now students get the chance to fuck FF characters.



Czech Teacher fired after pupils expose her pornstar past


Saw this on Facebook this morning, Furious straight out the gates with this shit.

Whats that video all about? First 15mins was a legit job interview.


This thread…


Breanne Altice is my favorite. #FreeBrianneAltice all the way! Not that she would have messed with my band-jock ass in high school, but still…


My question as a parent would be, why are you telling me you watch porn

In fact you would only know that if you watch porn.